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Maximize Your Portfolio with Emerging Technology Investments

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BlocTech Investment Group is a Texas-based, research focused fund that invests in the future of blockchain, emerging technologies, and startups.

VISION – We endeavor to create positive global impact, helping shape the future through meaningful investments, cultivating and developing change leaders and founders in the blockchain and Web3 technology space. 

MISSION – We believe blockchain and Web3 applications are revolutionizing how we exchange value, transfer ownership, verify transactions with trust and transparency, and improve overall privacy and data security. Therefore, it’s our aim to assist the adoption of these technologies and digital currencies by actively participating in, collaborating with, and promoting the efforts of the global blockchain community


Our venture fund has a three-pronged invest approach consisting of, seeding stand-out early-stage projects, leading top-tier growth phase investment rounds, as well strategic M&A activity.


Portfolio companies get access to business advisory services from our extensive and well-rounded team consisting of blockchain founders and professionals, as well as high-level executives, with decades of experience at some of the most notable Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.  We also provide formal introductions to the entire BlocTech Network for follow-on and co-investments as well as a ton of benefits and discounts from strategic service providers.


We understand from the inception of an idea to the development, capitalization, project launch, and ultimately the exit, what it takes to be successful. We believe there are many pillars to success and evaluate potential projects utilizing the five T’s, the team and talent, the technology, the tokenomics, the TAM or total addressable market and the timing or time to market. We help fill in the talent and resource gaps our partner projects may have, helping them achieve their full potential.

Research Backed Investments in Blockchain & Web3


40+ Investments in blockchain & Web3 centric business at various stages in their life cycle from Seed to Series A. 

Our strength and strategic advantage is by design through congruent and complimentary investments to support our entire Ecosystem.

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