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Take advantage of our multifaceted real-world experience in getting projects successfully across the line.

BlocTech Investment Group brings together hands on experience across multi-disciplinary backgrounds spanning Leverage Credit & Private Equity, Corporate Restructuring, Capital Markets, Trading, Entrepreneurship, Product Design, Development and Blockchain Technologies.

Our team will support and advise at each step of the way as you grow and evolve;

  • Advising on Business Development and Strategy
  • Community Building, Marketing and Social Traction
  • Deep relationships with Tier One Market Makers and Exchanges
  • Connectivity to Influencers and KOL relationships
  • Access and introductions to our entire cross-network of world-class entrepreneurs.
  • Leverage our established, deep market relationships with traditional finance and FinTechs.

Advisory Services

We partner with leading entrepreneurs and projects to deliver measurable results and accelerate growth.

Strategic Services
  • Business and Strategy Development
  • Strategic Partnership Connections
  • Restructuring
  • Finance
  • Go to Market & Scaling
  • Market & Proof of Concept Research
  • Valuation
  • IP & Whitelabel
Transactional Services
  • Tokenomic Design
  • LaunchPad
  • Market Making
  • Exchange Listing
  • Fractionalization
  • Community Building & Social Traction
  • Content Licensing
  • Media Partners
  • Introductions & Referrals
Operational Services
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Fractional CFO/CTO, and C-Suite
  • Developer Talent
  • Project Management
  • MVP, Beta & Launch
  • Marketing
  • GAP Analysis for Compliance & Regulation
Infrastructure Services
  • Smart contract solutions
  • Web3 Infrastructure
  • Server/ AWS alternatives
  • Payment systems
  • Fiat / Crypto On & Off Ramps
  • Custody Solutions
  • Digital Intermediaries
  • Data Analytics
  • Gaming & Metaverse (AR/VR)

BlocTech Advisory & Incubation

How We Work

OKR … There is an initial process of diligence. We make sure that we are aligned with you on the objectives of your project and then we execute and deliver key results!

Go through our initial process of diligence.

Get aligned with you and your project.

Formulate and execute the plan.

Deliver on objectives and key results.

Having been down this road we know what to expect and how to avoid pitfalls that many new projects experience.