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In today's episode of #Chartology 📈
The "In Neck" pattern, a variation of the "On Neck" where the closing price of the second candle is a bit higher. 1/4

Follow the easy-to-use instructions for people looking to turn $PLN to $vePLN.
This helps us vote through proposals on #PollenDefi.
We are all part of the #PollenDAO.
#AVAX #Avalanche

What do you think this will do for #Avalanche as a whole? Tell me your prediction below? @avalancheavax #DeFi #AVAX #Pollenators #PollenDeFi

Have you seen our most recent vote, #Pollenators?
Make sure to come and vote, and just two more words for anyone who isn't part of the Pollen Community.
@0xPolygon, @ethereum.
#AVAX #PollenDAO #cryptotrading

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Gm all, have a great weekend

The Seatlab Team x

We're only 3 weeks away from elrow Dubai! 😲

Don't miss your chance to see @wade_tweet, Armand Van Helden and @idriselba tearing it up 🪩

Only a very limited number VIP tickets and tables remain! Get yours now 👇

Are you going to let him speak to you like that? @KiaUK

Excited to see Web3 disintermediate this cesspool of greed and separate the parasites from the creators! @SeatlabNFT

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Here's @VjAngelo21 of @inspirawealth explaining the need for three Rs in crypto - research, revenue and returns...
@CityAM_Crypto @CityAM
#Crypto #cryptocurrency

Our CEO @VjAngelo21 discusses his 3 R’s for the Crypto industry’s road to recovery #CryptoCommunity #regulation #research #revenue #returns #cityam #cryptoam

In 2023 the development of new technologies will help to drive economic growth. The ability to innovate is crucial for businesses and organisations to climb out of the current situation seen in global markets.

#sustainability #innovation #development #tech #design #Inspired

Inspira Wealth would like to take this time to wish our members, partners, clients & families a happy new year!

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“Ain’t Hard to Tell” written and performed by hip hop legend @Nas; energetically animated by legend-in-the-making @BlooWoods

“Body/Machine” 2D imagery sourced from AP’s photojournalism database forced into three dimensions by depth estimation algorithms, providing the visual system with a source of color, movement, and space.

Find the collection at

Join our Discord, hang out with the Ethernity Community, ask questions to one of our moderators, and be the first to hear updates and Announcements!

From sports history to Web 3 🥊🏆 Check out the hyper-realistic championship belt of the Eight-division World Champion, @mannypacquiao
Manny Pacquiao: The "PacMan" Belt
Created By @theVisualLab

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One of our top priorities in #2023 will be adding to the growing #ecosystem of #dApps leveraging our privacy-enabling architecture. Check out these top quality projects in our latest #update. We're excited about all of these guys!

Check out the #PartiHack grand prize winner! 🥇🥇 @eTrustyMPC won the $100,000 Ivan Damgård award, for their project using Partisia Blockchain’s #MPC privacy tools and #BYOC interoperability to solve corruption in global public procurement markets.


If you are a Partisia Blockchain Validator Go check our iOS Demo Video of MPC Node Stats App 📲

Supporting @partisiampc to its journey to success 🫂

Android ⏬->

iOS 🍏(Coming really soon)

#partisia #mpc #staking #pbc

#PartiHack highlight! 2nd place winner @1000FacesNFT is a community-driven #NFT-based investment platform that is using the #privacy-protecting platform of #PartisiaBlockchain to enable broader access for both #investors and #entrepreneurs alike.

🎥 →

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Introducing the #LitCraftNysperience “Naughty or Nice" Challenge! Be nice and earn daily entries all month by joining our communities and retweeting our daily messages. We’re giving away $500 in prizes as well as rare NFTs! #LitChallenge

We started the Devvio week with a strategy session for #DevvESG. It was a great day with our senior team. Our technology can have a fundamental impact on the entire #ESG space…

Thursday we had team building events. We all telecommute, so some in person time was important for the team. Some folks went to Albuquerque Old Town. There was a Top Golf group.

One group (that included me) went to the #StoneAge rock climbing gym. All of these are #Devvio folks. I’m in the middle 🙂

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Couldn't have said it any better 👏👏👏

Happy #NPCWednesday!

We welcome another 🌟 to our #team: Alex Jemeljanov. Alex is a talented #3D #animator with a passion for #games. With his skills in creating believable and visually appealing animations, he pushes the boundaries of #gaming and #animation 🎮


A sneak peek at our use of sound #design in Crystals of Naramunz to ensure a pleasant #gaming experience 🎮

Every new #technology that emerges eventually finds its way into the gaming industry. Just like #blockchain, #AI can enhance the #gaming experience and make it more immersive🎮

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To the nation that has prospered for 74 years, #Sheesha Finance wishes our Indian Community a Happy Republic Day! 🇮🇳

May you all treasure what your constitution has given you in order to propel the country to new heights. . 😀

Jai Hind. 🫡

#republicday #india

If you don’t find a way to MAKE MONEY while you sleep!! 😴

You will WORK until you die. Warren Buffett..😪

We think, you heard Mr. Buffett very well. 🧏

So what are you waiting for⁉️

💁‍♂️Stake with #SheeshaFinance

👉Click here:

#web3 #crypto #staking

$BTC price increased by 35% in the last 1 month 😯

$MSHEESHA increased by 311%😲

Make your #investment decision wisely 📈

👉Follow us:

#btc #bnb #msheesha #blockchain #staking #roi #return #investors #investment

Welcome to Sheesha Finance 🙋‍♂️

Your journey to the web3 world begins here. 🚀

💁‍♂️We offer #Web3 projects with:
#Strategic Advisory

70+ Projects in the pool and still counting 💥

👉 Apply now:

#Crypto #blockchain

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Need tips on how to synchronise your Hugware with the Hugware H2? Here you go:

Since #BUSD is trending, here's a reminder to secure your coins with a cold wallet. For better protection, #GetAHugwareWallet.

🧧 Happy Lunar New Year 🧧

Enjoy 28% off Hugware H2! Offer valid for 10 days only (till Jan 31).

🛒 Add to cart now on

👂Listen up, squad! Director Ben Chan has juicy updates on plans to bring Hugware® to mobile users.

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Tomorrow we explore innovation in DeFi insurance and why it’s one of the most important areas for DeFi adoption. Panelists from innovative protocols like @SolaceFi (@0xnimz), @FairsideNetwork and @SteadyStateDeFi. Co-hosted by wonderful @Dynamo_Patrick

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#Cortex Project Updates #111🧾

💥Happy Belated New Year 2023! Hopefully, it's an #AI year

Check out the first #Cortex update in 2023👇

Cortex #NFT - Chinese New Year Series


🎅Cortex Christmas Giveaway🎄

🎁6x Xmas Series NFTs

Join here:
1️⃣ Follow @CTXCBlockchain
2️⃣ RT♻️+ LIKE❤️
3⃣ Comment your Cortex wallet + TAG 3 friends👫

Cortex #NFT - Xmas Series


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We've just finished making all character meta data for the Vavelverse Dropper Pass. Coming very soon!

#vavelverse #hbar #HederaNFTs #hedera

The origin of the So'Toth is a mystery to all... But the Imperium. #ComingSoon to @DropperNFT #HBAR #HBARbarians #HBARNFT #hashgraph #MMORPG #HederaNFTs #Hedera #vavelverse #igw

Imperium Architect - They are the extension of the Galactic Emperor's will and shape the galaxy for his amusement. The #vavelverse is coming... @DropperNFT @HBAR_foundation @Venly_io @HashPackApp #Hedera #HederaNFTs

Droppers Marketplace is officially live.

We'll be pushing a few more updates over the next few weeks including introducing the @Venly_io wallet to the platform.

More drops coming soon😎

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"Regulators recognize that DeFi can be a solution to Forex settlement"

So does the forex-optimized Pendulum blockchain and the forex-optimized @0xamberHQ AMM!

Read the full @Uniswap and @CurveFinance paper exploring onchain forex here:

🌉 Spacewalk is launching soon!

Connecting @StellarOrg and @Polkadot will open lots of new doors for #DeFi

One of them is providing single-sided liquidity, without impermanent loss via @0xamberHQ.

Which other #DotSama project would benefit from integrating Stellar stablecoins?

⚡ The annual @ElectricCapital Developer Report has been released!

◼️ Which ecosystem has the most active developers?
◼️ Who's growing fastest?
◼️ Why do developer metrics even matter?

TL;DR: #DotSama is smashing it 😎

Read the report here 🔽

🚀 We hit 50.000 Subscribers on Twitter!

Thanks to everyone who helps to tweet, share and spread the word!

Cheers! Let's get Pendulum swinging!

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Come join us @emurgo_io @GeniusyieldO @paribus_io and more on #Cardano360 - streaming now 👍

🎙 Join us on #Cardano360 as our CSO and co-founder @MarvinDefi discuss the highlights of 2022 and what we have in store for the #Cardanocommunity in 2023!

#Cardano #DEFI #DEX #plutus
Don't miss it!! 🔗👇

Join us later this week for our first #Cardano360 of 2023. We'll be covering the Edinburgh Decentralization Index & featuring guest appearances from @emurgo_io, @GeniusyieldO & @paribus_io

Plus a rundown on what's happened in the space so far this year.

Hello #Cardano and #ADA Family!

🚀 Genius X is honored to announce we are hosting the public sale for @DanketsuNFT 🥷🏻 👏👏
The sale will consist of 2 rounds.

1st round is for Danketsu NFT holders and Genius X ISPO Delegators.

2nd round is open to all!


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Mint and stake your own PVTs using USDC, earn interest, and refer friends with your own affiliate link. All through non-custodial, permissionless, and transparent smart contracts.

Start minting and staking your PVTs today at

Earn endless returns on your investment and minimize your risk like never before. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your financial game to the next level!

Start minting and staking your PVTs today at

SyncDAO’s Perpetual Vault Risk Reversal Revolution is here! 🚀

Are you ready to earn endless DeFi returns and minimize your risk at the same time?

Look no further than SyncDAO Perpetual Vaults!

It is now live head on to

We've launched $SDG on #Fantom so you can have more options. Very soon we will have our bridge live so you can move your tokens over ⏩.

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Grab your Artworks now before it runs out 🙂
#NFT #NFTCommunity #NFTartwork #NFTCommunity #nftcollection #nftcollectible #nftcollections #nftdrop #nftdrops #nftart @cloutdotart

Sorry for the spaces, we had some technical issues.
We're probably going to reschedule the space so stay tuned ✌️


Tune in today!

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#BadDays can be #Gooddays when you're #P2Egaming!

We're surfin into the new week like #Silversurfer!

#BadDays #P2eGame #NFTs #polygon

Everyone is hitting up their favourite #p2egame during the #bearmarket get in quick before the #bulls return!

It looks like an important get together a MarvelousNFTs HQ!

I wonder what is brewing!

#BadDays #p2e #NFTgame

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⚡️#cybercrime is one of the world's biggest threats, potentially becoming uninsurable sooner than we think.

The $DGMV-ID uses #decentralized #technologies, incl. #blockchain to provide secure #authentication in a changing world 🔐

Happy 9th anniversary to the #DigiByte #Blockchain & it's strong & dedicated #DGB #community! 💙

To many more years of inspiring open source #technology, raising awareness and driving adoption!

$DGB #Bullish

To a 2023 that brings #blockchain, #Web3 & #Metaverse even further into the mainstream!⚡️

Happy New Year everyone - The entire #DigiCorpLabs team is looking forward to a great 2023!

$DGMV #CryptoNews #Metaverseproject #NFTs #web3community #Blockchainspace

We’re thrilled to welcome #Infrastructure #Developer Hubert Becker to the #DigiThree Team!

With 22 years of experience at SAP, he's got the technical know-how we need to take #Web3 to the next level.

Read more👇

$DGMV #DigiCorp #blockchain #Metaverse

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Dyslexia is not a choice but our education systems CAN choose to support students that struggle to read. Education should be accessible to everyone! #untileveryonecanread
#dyslexia #dyslexiaawareness #inclusive #inclusivity #equal #access #education @elmo ❤️

Great article from @sciencealert⚡

A glimpse of a potential #future for business education
#edtech #metaverse #DigitalTransformation @TerenceLeungSF @FrRonconi @BetaMoroney @Nicochan33 @Khulood_Almani @enilev @HaroldSinnott @Ronald_vanLoon @globaliqx @WSWMUC @EvanKirstel @rwang0 @sallyeaves

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Collect now! @casperpunks_ has launched with amazing rewards.

We’ve teamed up with #AwardPool to help you secure 1 of 1000 guaranteed @casperpunks_ #whitelist spots and your chance to win a Gen 1 👻

Build your points through completing the challenges and be entered to win! 🏆🎯 🤗


Happy New Year! 新年快乐 🧧

Vote For us on @ProductHunt !

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Congrats to @JamieThomsonVF and the entire @VulcanForged team. Jamie see you @SALTConference Singapore

Take over podcast world? ✅
Take down CNN? ✅
Explore space with my dog? 🔜 @joerogan

@GalacticFL - Save some front row seats for Joe and Marshall aboard the space station!

#JoeRogan #3D #design $sol $eth #NFT #cnftartist #Blender3d

#AndStill congratulations @funkmasterMMA!

#ufc280 @VulcanForged $PYR

Current ONE Championship @MightyMouse and Current UFC Champion @funkmasterMMA have joined @VulcanForged in the @GalacticFL alongside other great fighters.

The entertainment MMA scene is now experiencing double trouble in the metaverse.


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Yesterday we Announced our Partnership with @TrustWallet 💪

And your feedback was Great! 💙

So we decided to dive deeper into the Ecosystem of Trust Wallet - and learn about all the new DeFi Opportunities that it brings!

The King of Wallets? 🤔👇

🚨 #dailyAPY Best Optimism $OP APYs!

Yield Farming 🧑‍🌾
@beethoven_x ▶️ 77%

Lending 🏦
@synthetix_io ▶️ 22%

Stablecoin 📊
@beefyfinance ▶️ 15%

⚡️ Looking to compare more DeFi APYs? 👉

APY Newsletter 👉

Your Alphamobile 🚗 just arrived! Get in!

In our today's D-News, we discussed:
• @MakerDAO Deploys $100M on @iearnfinance
• $APT = $19 - which token to Pump NEXT?
• And more!

⚡️ Together w/ @ayyyeandy @EAMCrypto @Dynamo_Patrick @MichaelRosmer


🚨 Announcing Partnership with TRUSTWALLET!

⚡️ DEFIYIELD is delighted to announce our Extensive Partnership with @TrustWallet!

The first step of which is its Integration into the DEFIYIELD Dashboard 🎉

💙 Now all users can Access the DEFIYIELD with their TrustWallet's! 👇

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our live chat support team is here to assist you whenever you need us.

P/S: No bots here!

BTC just crashed to its lowest point this year. Are you buying the dip and hodl-ing?

What's your thesis on why it happened?

Another week, another clip on our Tech progress!

#FINXFLO #cryptotrading #liquidity

Meme coins, especially in a volatile market, are known for highly unpredictable moves.

Which one are you paying attention to and why?

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🗞️News from the crypto world! @Tesla holds on to #Bitcoin, St. Maarten to adopt @trondao, Arizona introduces bill to make #Bitcoin legal tender and much more in this edition of the @blockbankapp Crypto News Desk!

Read NOW!👇

Regularly monitor your accounts & transactions for any suspicious activity and potential security vulnerabilities. By catching these issues early, you can take action to protect your cryptocurrencies from being stolen or compromised.


@ParrotCapital @Satoshi_Madoff @blockbankapp @binance Simple to explain first look at our tier based system understand we make a set amount per tier and disperse accordingly to treasury. We also only provide our top apys to our top tier who are biggest and best supporters our vips who invest a min 50k directly into our token.

📰The newest edition of blockbank Crypto News Desk is here, & it's chock-full of the latest developments in the crypto world.

Don't miss out on #4, it's a must-read for anyone looking to stay ahead of the game! #crypto #cryptonews #blockbank

Read here👇

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from Globe 🎆

SIMP fan wanting to catch up on IreneDAO?

Catch Irene Zhao @Irenezhao_, Founder of IreneDAO @0xIreneDao and SO-COL @socol_io on Globe this week!

🤩Irene’s background
🧑‍🎓Lessons from IreneDAO
🌟What SO-COL does
🤔What is SimpFi?

Watch now

New 🇨🇳 language interview out now

Meet Leon, Co-founder of @CSpaceOfficial

Find out
🌞 Leon创立Type V Dao 的初衷和目标
🌄 认为Web3行业目前的现状是在至暗时刻还是在黎明前夕
🧸 应该如何在这次熊市当中生存呢


New interview 🧐

Meet Omar Yehia @0xomaryehia, Partner at C² Ventures @CsquaredVC!

Find out
🧑‍🎓 How Omar became a #crypto VC
🔮 What C² Ventures invests in
🤔 His thoughts on upcoming #web3 trends


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Hey #MILCians which car do you prefer? 👀

#MILC commercial trailer on it's way, starring our CEO @HendrikHey1 ⭐️🎥👀

Follow us on @LinkedIn:

Due to queries received by the @MILCplatform community, we confirm that posters submitted either in landscape or portrait format will be accepted.

Please also ensure to message us your MILC Community Username.

Last weekend to get those submissions in! ⏱️

25 January 2023

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Did you know?

The Future is Tokenized: Boston Consulting Group Predicted $16.1 Trillion in Illiquid Assets to be tokenized by 2030! Join IX Swap and be a part of the revolution 🚀

Why are institutions starting to tokenize their assets?


Join us in our firechat next week with Equanimity, a primary issuance platform.

We will learn about Equanimity, how IX Swap is working with Equanimity, and talk tokenization!

Come by with a question to win 1000 IXS
Wednesday, 1. Feb, 1:00 PM UTC

January 2023 Community AMA Recap 🚀

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💳The EQIFi Card is perfect for international travelers!

💸Access funds at ATMs globally ;
📈Spend in crypto anywhere Visa is accepted ;
🏛️Secure spending ;

What's more, application fees for individual accounts have been waivered until March 31st!

#cedefi #neobanking $EQX

👨Chairman and Co-Founder Jason Blick invites all those interested to apply for an EQIFi Visa Card.

💸Spend your money or crypto worldwide using a secure Visa Card!

🏛️Banking. DeFi. EQIFi.

#CeDeFi #banking #creditcard

🚀Check out this short video about EQIFi's Yield Aggregator!

🏛️Licensed, regulated, and secure, we help you reach your financial goals!

👐Sign up now at and check out the Yield Aggregator!

Banking. DeFi. EQIFi.

#crypto #neobanking #DeFi #investing $EQX

🚀Check out this short video about EQIFi's Yield Aggregator!

🏛️Licensed, regulated, and secure, we help you reach your financial goals!

👐Sign up now at and check out the Yield Aggregator!

Banking. DeFi. EQIFi.

#crypto #neobanking #DeFi #investing $EQX

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The decentralized and transparent nature of #blockchain can help to prevent governments and central banks from manipulating the money supply, which leads to #inflation.
#Crypto gives you back control over your own finances.

Both the internet and #cryptocurrencies have faced skepticism and resistance from those who are comfortable with the status quo, but have also been embraced by early adopters and visionaries who see their potential. #Crypto adoption has been much quicker. Pick the right side 👀

Not only your money must be safe, but actually working for you.

$mSOL / $USDC at +80% APR
@MarinadeFinance this LP is looking good 👀

As you know, we have a lot in the works. Would you rather go to concentrated liquidity instead of regular LPs?

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True decentralization of VPN services is coming your way!

We do not collect any user data. Users do not even need a username or password to use KelVPN.

Why we were built on

Because your safety is our priority: post-quantum key exchange, symmetric cyphers and digital signatures which are PQC NIST finalists.

#cellframe #kelvpn

KelVPN team is getting ready to launch a test network named Hermann Minkowski, the great mathematician.
The main feature of the testnet is the ability to provide VPN and get rewards in test tokens.

Stay tuned for updates.

Why post-quantum encrypted VPNs are safer and what is post-quantum encryption?

Read about it in our post

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Check out our charts! 2023 is going to be a GreenHeart's year, watch this space 💚 #CBD $CBD

In #CBDeFi the focus is to design an OpenAPI to maximize free market involvement 💚

Read more about our marketplace:

#CBD #GreenHeart #marketplace

Monday AMA Alert✨

Drop your questions here in the comments below, and our co-founder Mark Canavan will answer them first.

🗓 Jan 23rd
⏰ 2 PM EST
🏠 @greenheart_cbd

#AMA #metaverse #CBD #TwitterSpace

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Nodle has been nominated for the 2023 Products That Count Award!

Want to send a special Lunar New Year gift? Bridge tradition with technology by giving the gift of good luck and prosperity with Nodle’s unique red envelopes!

Received a Red Envelope? May the year ahead bring good luck, wealth, and abundance. You can continue the giving chain by sending red envelopes to your friends, family, and colleagues. Share the prosperity with others.
Happy Lunar New Year!

Have you tried the Nodle Red Envelope Experience yet? You can choose from a variety of dazzling designs on the Nodle app. Spread abundance this Lunar New Year and bridge tradition with blockchain technology.

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Meet Sabrina Masoud Juma, the owner of Chabby Collection and another satisfied #WorldMobile customer.

Watch the video below to learn more about Sabrina's experience using World Mobile, and positive influence it's had on her business.

WOW! 🤯 Mobilers, how are we feeling?

It’s safe to say that Community Update was one for the books.

A massive thank you to everyone for tuning in and submitting your questions!

Still have a question for the team? Leave it below and we’ll ensure you get an answer👇

OFFICIAL: #WorldMobile and @InputOutputHK Sidechain Announcement

Read more:

@cosmossdk $WMT #CardanoCommunity #DeWi

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There are still over 200 ENNFTs yet to be claimed.

Note: If you fail to claim your #ENNFT by the 5th of February, you will forfeit your right to claim!

$WMT #WorldMobile #CardanoCommunity #DeWi


#cardano #hosky @WorldMobileTeam @MrTelecoms #WorldMobile

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#HappyFriday! Here’s our #Top3 #Web3 Breakdown of another eventful week 👇👇👇#cryptocurrency #security #token

You don't have to be an #athlete to get in the #game!
@TurnCoinLtd #STO
Your #token to the fan #economy is coming to: http://INX.One

Exciting #kickoff👇👇👇 Exciting #STO!

Whether you’re trading crypto, security tokens, stocks, bonds or any other asset classes, you'll probably come across technical analysis.

What is technical analysis?

Discover the basics of reading charts and using technical analysis in your trading.

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You may not know it yet, but over the next year, the biggest “degen” casinos will be built on top of @hxronetwork Dexterity and Parimutuel protocols.

Thanks to Hxro, the ability to test the limits gaming, trading and what lives in the seams has now been unlocked.


World class 🔥


HXRO/USDC whirlpool is now live on @orca_so☀️ $HXRO


Starting now! Tap in with @hxrobtc :

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Don't forget - @simonJones265 will be joining @CoinstoreExc today to discuss all things $BXX! 😎

Remember to tag 3 friends and drop your questions below to WIN $BXX tokens!

@BaanxGroup #BXXtoPluto 🚀

🎉 @Baanx_BXX is listed on @LATOKEN 🎉
👉 And the best part is, you can win $BXX by trading a minimum amount of 2300 BXX tokens on the exchange.
Hurry up, let's take #BXXtoPluto 🚀🪐

Crypto cashback 🧧

Getting gifts for your loved ones? Pay with your CL Card online or in-store and you’ll get a gift of your own.

For every purchase you make with your card, you’ll earn up to 2% cashback with no minimum spend! Get 1% in BTC and USDT and 2% in BXX.

One day soon this will happen we will get #BXXtoPluto trending on @Twitter

*Disclaimer* this is a meme and is not real but it will come true haha 😂

@Baanx_BXX $BXX

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