😱 Can you imagine sending this much ETH with absolutely NO safety net?

😮‍💨 Breathe a sigh of relief and guarantee your crypto goes to the right place with our Safe Transfer!

😨 Blockchain UX can be unforgiving!

❗️ ... but does it actually work in favor for the blockchain?

#DeFi #fintech #blockchain #cryptocurrency


🚫 Don't let the blockchain inherit your money! 🚫

We never know when we're going to go...so don't let the keys to your wallet disappear! 🗑️

Set-up your Inheritance on June 1st! 🗓️

💡 The Liquid Vault secures your crypto in an easy and seamless way!

🤷 Why wait on the banks? Consider opening a Vault today!


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Where is the industry headed? 🤔

Find out from our Chief Commercial Officer @mectors on @_CryptoNews_Net’s first ever Twitter Spaces

Join #MEXC AMA with #Pollen at 9am UTC today in our Telegram group: http://t.me/MEXCEnglish

10ppl * $10 giveaway:
✅Follow @MEXC_Global & @PollenDeFi
✅Like, RT & Tag 3 frds
✅Sign up: http://bit.ly/3gzIm3J

More $USDT rewards for grabs at live #AMA!

🔺Don’t mind the bears, get ready for the bull market on testnet

▫️ Test your trading strategies risk-free
▫️ Showcase your skills & attract followers
▫️ Build your reputation & reap the benefits on mainnet

Read up 👉 https://tinyurl.com/5n7rxcj8


Testnet reputation = mainnet reputation 👀

That’s right. The reputation score you earn using your test $PLN now will be directly ported over to mainnet in a few weeks. Investment-free

And reputation = followers = opportunity

Learn more 👉 https://tinyurl.com/2p9yu7m9

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Have you checked out the $SEAT IDO? It’s now live on Skyward Finance 🎉

You can deposit here 👉 http://app.skyward.finance/sale/103

The deposit period for @SeatlabNFT's native token will be taking place from today until 23rd May - don’t miss out! 📆

Deposit your $NEAR for $SEAT now! 🙌

⬇️ The deposit window is closing soon...

📅 There are only three days remaining until the $SEAT token #IDO deposit period ends and the sale period starts.

👀All you need to know.

🎟️ When participating in our IDO on @skywardfinance you'll need wNEAR.

The team have put together everything you need to know to get hold of some. Here's how 👇

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Inspira’s @rbellrally zooming in a rx150 buggy at last weekends Rallycross event. Great things ahead 🏎
#Inspirarally #Inspirawealth #investment #wealthmanagement #membership #digital #sustainable #ethical #environmental


#Finance #Industry #News #Near #INSP #Wednesday #Updates

#Crypto #Investing #Cryptocurrency #CareerAdvice #Industry #News #Near #INSP #Monday #Updates @inspirawealth

#Technology #Finance #Industry #News #Near #INSP #Friday #Updates @inspirawealth

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"Body/Machine" an NFT of two-dimensional imagery, exclusively sourced from AP’s photojournalism database, forced into three dimensions by depth estimation algorithms, providing the visual system with a source of color, movement, and space.

What are some prizes, events, or IRL adventures you’d like to have at our next Stones Event? 👀

We know you've been waiting patiently, the first faction reveal will come next week... 💥

Revolution is stirring in the exosphere.. Get ready to read the lore over on our Discord: http://Discord.gg/exorians

The Exorians are rising 🚀

#Exorians #SneakPeek

"Float" an NFT representing the shoes @muhammadali wore.

The @muhammadali collection lives at http://ethernity.io

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(RED)’s first NFT drop is only 3️⃣ days away! As we count down to May 23rd, we’ll be highlighting some of the amazing artists behind the NFTs. First up: get to know @sergeposters, a graphic designer from Poland.

Please give a warm welcome to our new #Partisia Blockchain teammate and Chief Marketing Officer, Iulia Mihailescu! Iulia spent the past ten years as a Senior Marketer at Paypal, where she launched crypto as their Head of Crypto Go-to-Market! #MPC https://medium.com/partisia-blockchain/welcome-iulia-mihailescu-cmo-39a7c6b884f9

We’re thrilled to join @Cointelegraph for an #AMA leading up to our Mainnet Launch of #Partisia #Blockchain. Join us May 23, 6:30 PM UTC! #MPC

In this chat, the co-founder of Partisia, Brian Gallagher, highlights what makes @Partisiampc one of the strongest L1 blockchains in crypto.

📽️: https://youtu.be/TYZyhUkwA2s

⏰ Partisia launches with TrustSwap tomorrow @ 5PM UTC.
📍See the video description for more info

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Worried about the reliability of #crypto? Don’t. DevvX is a one-of-a-kind solution designed to tackle issues across countless industries, from politics to the environment, education, and more. And we’re just getting started. Learn more at https://hubs.la/Q01bQSGK0 #blockchain

Today is the final day for #Circularity22! Make sure to book your slot to see Devvio and other leading professionals discuss the #circulareconomy and the importance of #esg. https://hubs.la/Q01bMvhR0

25 million pounds of plastic have been collected from the ocean and converted into certified offset credits available for purchase on https://hubs.la/Q01bDQSj0 for #Circularity22! https://hubs.la/Q01bDVDx0 #esg

Have you booked your slot for #Circularity22 yet? Come see Devvio and other industry professionals discuss the importance of #esg and how we’re helping organizations achieve greater plastic neutrality, work towards improved energy efficiency, and more! https://hubs.la/Q01bDGv90

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The last time I was in the dungeon I installed a camera🎥
Now we have live footage out of the dungeon👀 you are welcome😏
#Naramunz #GameFi #NFT #RPG #Game #PlayAndEarn #NFTGame #ARPG #Dungeon #Spider

I did something cool😎 stay tuned👀
#Naramunz #Dungeon #Game #NFTGame #NFT #PlayAndEarn #GameFi‌

For our Russian heroes:
#NEAR is talking about our #MonsterThursday 🔥
It is in the Russian language, but I magically translated it for me😏
#Naramunz #GameNews #RPG #NFT #PlayAndEarn


Finally weekend heroes🙌
I will do some shopping in the city, I need a new grimoire😏 What are you guys doing on the weekend👀
#Naramunz #NFT #PlayAndEarn #Game #RPG #NFTGame #gamedevelopment #GameFi #weekend #shopping

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Partner: @cannumo

Recent updates:
• eShop which is currently being coded, all (CBD) products are ready and in stock
• Planning to launch NFTs, 80% of NFT revenue will be donated to charity
• Planning on making a marketplace

Project Lounge Report 👇

The anniversary airdrop winners have been chosen and reached out to! 🎉

The $1111 reward will be distributed between the 22 winners, $50.5 USDT each

Thank you to all who participated!

🚨 Recent Crypto Regulation Changes in Europe 🚨

🔹 Portugal make a U-Turn on tax-free crypto policy

🔹 Binance granted a Digital Asset Server Provider (DASP) registration in France

Here's a quick read on the news stories, make sure to retweet if you learn something new 👇

❓ Did you miss yesterday's #AMA on Telegram? ❓

Don't worry, we've got you covered! 😎

Get your answers about our plans during a potential crypto winter, future project developments, content & marketing, and more! 🔥

⬇️ Read the AMA Recap here! ⬇️

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🔑 Privacy on the go.

When the Hugware® is pocket-sized and easy to use, you carry it 24/7.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, just like the Hugware Authentication Key and Rescue Key.


The Hugware® crypto hardware wallet synchronises your master seed across the Authentication-Key (dark grey) and Rescue-Key (light grey) so you'll never need seed phrases. 🥂

With the Hugware® crypto hardware wallet, your private keys will always be at your fingertips.


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We need better insurance solutions in DeFi & we need them now

Insurance should be a default offering (hard to scale & get there today given high correlation & composability risks but possible with off chain solutions. Not perfect but a start)

Without insurance DeFi isn’t viable

What a good day!

Great meeting and hearing the vision in person!

Best of luck to you godfather!

Welcome to LunarCRUSH Live! Today we'll be speaking with @Jon_SST, CEO of @steadystatedefi. Steady State provides comprehensive #DeFi insurance that protects users and secures protocols. https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1eaKbNZVDyXKX

📺 Join us tomorrow, Dec 14, 2021 at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 5pm UTC for LunarCRUSH Live with @steadystatedefi. Join @Jon_SST, CEO of Steady State along with @joevezz and @jonfarjo as we discuss #DeFi insurance.

Streaming live on @LunarCRUSH + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a-DSUdsNgo.

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🧠#Cortex Project Updates #97🧠

🧪Participate in quantitative testing of MRT models;;
✈️Planning on Airdrop incentive & Buy-back plan to Cortex #NFT holders

More on tech updates🔽

Retweet if you think $LUNA recovery is possible

#Cortex Project Updates #96

Machine-Learning(ML), CortexVirtual Machine(CVM) & Model RepresentationTool(MRT) & Community Updates


#Cortex Project Updates #95

🖥️Cortex collaborates with #MRT V3 model testing
📟Cortex now collects #NFT image sets applicable to the stylegan network model
🔎Cortex team conducts continuous research in areas such as Web3 and #DAO

More on tech updates👇

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NFTs from cultural icons.

Live on Dropper.


We are aware of an issue where users are being allowed to mint on the wrong network. Ensure your wallet is connected to the Polygon network. A fix will be out in a few hours.

We are back live! You can now purchase @ClixHimself packs via the dropper website.

All issues have been resolved. Currently you can only purchase via your crypto wallet. We are adding credit card check out shortly.

gm 👀 https://twitter.com/Clix/status/1451646156212260868

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Turbulent times in the market right now!

What course of action might be best to navigate the storm🤔

Which describes your current approach best?"

The IMF has released its Global Financial Stability Report.

And to probably everyone's surprise, they sound very bullish on DeFi.

"DeFi has the potential to offer financial services with even greater efficiency"

Let's have a closer look!

You probably already heard this by now but #Polkadot is one of the most innovative web3 ecosystems out there 💡

Read why we chose to become part of DotSama below👇

Full house at #permissionless 💥

If you're wanting to collaborate on building the future of fiat-focused #DeFi services, shoot us a DM! We'd love to connect!

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@IOHK_Charles We couldn't be happier with the support from @OfficialGeniusx! Proud to be a part of the Genius family ❤️

@IOHK_Charles Thanks for the shoutout @IOHK_Charles! We're excited to help #Cardano projects grow, with more projects to come. This is just the beginning, follow us to stay up to date!

@IOHK_Charles Charles, you should have a chat with the @GeniusyieldO folks when you get a chance. @LarsBrunjes is the genius yeild CTO and working on their DEX. I feel like they are in good hands with him behind the wheel. 👍

More than $100 million worth of ADA has been delegated to the ISPO of Cardano-based accelerator program Genius X. https://cointelegraph.com/news/cardano-accelerator-program-genius-x-ispo-nets-105-million-in-ada

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Crypto Word of the Day

REGEN [Ree-jen]: noun
A person who takes a #degen's passion for #crypto and #defi and creates a regenerative wealth system using @syncdao #PerpetualVaults.

Learn more about becoming an Affiliate: https://medium.com/syncdao/earn-perpetual-income-by-helping-people-learn-about-defi-and-crypto-2d3b9820f0b6

DeFi can be confusing and difficult to use. Founder & COO @paulfholland shares how #SyncDAO is changing that narrative.

Decentralization is one of the most popular aspects of a DAO because it ensures that no single group or individual can control or corrupt the system and use their power for malice.

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🚨 New featured creator and a fresh #NFTdrop by @3ddream 🚨

✅ Check the #NFTs on https://oncyber.io/spaces/jObSP1uxVGRODoQymfXY and place your bid on @opensea 👉 https://opensea.io/3ddream 👈

#NFT #creatoreconomy #digitalart #graphicdesigner #photographer #CosmoSeries #3dart

🌟Do not miss the series of beautiful #digital #NFT #artwork inspired by cosmic elements and mythical fairylike features 🧚💫✨

📌 Now available on @opensea ➡️ https://opensea.io/3ddream
#NFTdrop #digitalart #NFTcollection #NFTartwork #web3

🚨 LIVE #AMA with @PaulaKilgarriff and @3ddream 🚨

🕚 Join as at 11 🄰🄼 🅄🅃🄲 on @TwitterSpaces 🤙

📌 Topic: #CosmicSeries #NFTdrop - check it out here ➡️ https://oncyber.io/spaces/jObSP1uxVGRODoQymfXY

#digitalart #creatoreconomy #NFT #NFTart #DigitalArtist #NFTCommunity #LiveStreaming

🌟Do not miss the series of beautiful #digital #NFT #artwork inspired by cosmic elements and mythical fairylike features 🧚💫✨

📌 Now available on @opensea ➡️ https://opensea.io/3ddream
#NFTdrop #digitalart #NFTcollection #NFTartwork #web3

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@MarvelousNfts_ Yes, it's about that time again, Baddays Trivia always making my weekend fun🎉, loads of character vouchers for winners. Setting my alarm now⏰
#baddays #p2e #marvelousnfts

@MarvelousNfts_ Awesome! Love the fact there’s a #free way to #win your way into the #p2e beta! #NFTCommunity will get behind these sort of things, especially with such a great game!!

#SaturdayMorning just got better! #NFTGiveaway #Giveaways #NFT

@MarvelousNfts_ I always love to partake in trivia, especially Baddays Trivia because I get to learn more and also have fun while learning, to cap it all, there are rewards 🎉
#baddays #p2e #marvelousnfts

@MarvelousNfts_ I love the trivia! So much fun and sometimes learn some awesome hints to progress in game!

Thanks @MarvelousNfts_ for giving us the chance to win our way into the beta! Then we can start #p2e for free and every earning is profit! Love it!

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Cyber incidents & #fraud attacks continue to be an increasing concern...🌐🪐

💡Learn how #DigiCorpLabs can address #security challenges with our $DGMV #authentication & #PasswordManager.👇

Our #tech is powered by @DigiByteCoin ⚡️

#blockchain #Web3 #Metaverse #Cryptos #digiByte

⭐️DigiCorp Among Top Metaverse Enterprise Solutions⭐️

DigiCorp are mentioned among the top Metaverse Enterprise Solutions alongside industry giants like Meta, Microsoft, Roblox and more by Digital Journal!🤩

Read The Article👇🏻👇🏻

#OIG #DigiCorp #Metaverse #EnterpriseSolutions https://twitter.com/DigiCorpLabs/status/1526490109910167553

#DigiCorp being mentioned as one of the Top Key Players in the #Metaverse Enterprise Solution Market together with Accenture, Tumblr, Roblox, Microsoft, Meta (Facebook) & others.

Secured with #DigiByte #Blockchain & #Threefold grid.

By @digitaljournal: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/metaverse-enterprise-solution-market-is-booming-globally-with-top-key-players-villainsxavor-corporationglobantaccenturetfxveritone

Want a fully #decentralized and #secure #metaverse?

@DigiCorpLabs is building just that.

More information👇

You can now buy $DGMV tokens on👇

🦄 @Uniswap
🥞 @PancakeSwap
💼 Fully regulated and compliant @LCX Exchange

#web3 $LCX #DGB #DigiByte #NFT

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Community, our Exclusive Staking Terms Offer will be expiring in the next few days!

There are still a few days left until the Exclusive LTO Terms expire, so it’s not too late to take advantage of them.

Check out the details below.⬇️

A Goldfingr member sells his multi-million dollar company to embark on a spiritual journey 😇 🏆

Join us on Instagram Live tomorrow 10 am CET 12 noon Dubai 4pm Bali time.

Link: https://bit.ly/3yJcPa4


Even the best teacher in the world can only do so much for a class that's full of individuals.

Teachers are only human after all.

Join Studyum, the future of decentralized learning.

Another poll alert!🤗🦾

The vote continues
Choose your favourite master instructor!

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👀Check this out👇

Our Chief Product Officer Belinda Lim is speaking about emerging trends in #DeFi, #Web3, & the #metaverse next week.

Hosted by Blockchain Association Singapore and The Financial Women’s Association of Singapore.

@Avarta + #WomenInBlockchain = #Web3 😊

Avarta expands into the Indonesia Market with groundbreaking partnership with @Tokocrypto

Read here ⬇️

#avarta #biometrics #cryptocurrency #tokocrypto #CryptoWallet

📢Upcoming #AMA with @safuyield today, May 11th, 18:00 SGT I UTC + 8🚀

💬Don’t miss out our community lead Daniel with Nassim and Marko answering all your 🔥 questions all things Avarta Network & http://Safu.net 🎮

💰Rewards: 2⃣5⃣0⃣$
📍Venue: https://bit.ly/3wc24Ks

Coming in hot 🔥🔥 Avarta has sealed a deal with one of Indonesia largest crypto exchanges @Tokocrypto

#avarta #tokocrypto #cryptocurrency #biometrics #compliance #ethereum


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The creator economy summarized! #NFTCommunity

This was fun! Brovember Rain helped the @Gloomegirl secret society team up with @AwardPool to add new engage-to-earn features to their project, including several new e2e NFTs. 10/10 would recommend, check out the site integration and earn some $egirl at https://www.gloomegirl.com/

Join the Gloom-E-girls secret society with me. Women gaming. Women Empowerment. https://gloomegirl.com via @Gloomegirl

🎙For anyone interested, I have a couple open guest spots for my #Permissionless2022 Podcast recording today. DM me for if you’d like to be included.



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With SafeStake, the power of the $STATE token will shine throughout the industry.

Understand the new economics and use cases for STATE tokens around the SafeStake- our latest secure, scalable and decentralized use case for ETH2.0 staking #eth2 #DAO


With WebAssembly, developers will be able to write smart contracts in the over 20+ programming languages in addition to Solidity.

Learn more about Programming Languages for deploying dApps with ParaState:

SafeStake webpage is now live ✅


SafeStake is a trust-minimized, middle-layer fostering decentralization of ETH2.0 staking.

Please refer whitepaper for more insights:

⚡️Update On $DOT Slot Auction Voting Schedule

🥇1st Place: PDEX @polkadex
🥈2nd Place: CTO @Coinversation_
🥉3rd Place: GEMINIS @_parastate

🔐Lock & Support Your Project Now: http://gate.io/slot_auction/?ch=en_sm_0522


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Announcing the seventh participating DAO: @GalacticFL Welcome to the game fighters 🥊 🤝

#DSL Format:
Free To Play Daily Sports Predictions
24th-29th May

55x WL for single players
01x League Master NFT for the winning DAO (worth 555 $SOL)

Join our #AMA with @kyobogenesis today at 1pm CST!

We’ll talk about the first ever DAO Super League of Sports prediction games launching May 24th

@Astrals_NFT @The_Sol_Army @BongHeadsNFT @MonkeDAO @Fearless_Bulls @CyberBloks @TombStonedHS @YakuCorp @ROXcollective @GalacticFL



🥊 GFL x Mutant Miner Rats 🐀

We are giving away 3 WL spots for Mutant Miner Rats.

Mutant Miner Rats are utility filled cute but cruel NFTs that are artistically unique!

To enter:

👉 Like + RT
👉 Follow @MutantMinerRats & @GalacticFL
👉 Tag 3 friends

Good Luck!

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What do you know about @VenusProtocol? 🤔

If not a lot, then this video can get you started with some simple steps to Yield Farming! Best Strategies Here 😉

👉 Today we show you how to get started!
🏃 Get ahead of the game and start farming!


In Yield Farming there are plenty of strategies! 😉

Are you a YOLO type of person to jump in a project all-in? 🤸‍♂️

Or would you rather diversify your portfolio to not take high risks? 🧮

Nevertheless, watch our new Guide to maximize your YF Gains! ⬇️🎉

.@avalancheavax is a blockchain that combines scaling capabilities and quick confirmation time through its Avalanche Consensus Protocol

💡Manage your Vaults, Pools, Assets and Deposits on biggest $AVAX Protocols from 1 place!

⬇️Simply connect your wallet

⚡️️ Are Equities and Crypto Markets Overvalued?

✅ Elon Musk REFUSED to buy Twitter!
✅ @a16z says web3 is more profitable than web2! 🚀
✅ Vitalik Buterin hates NFTs?
✅ US Military is creating its own METAVERSE?! 🔥


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24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our live chat support team is here to assist you whenever you need us.

P/S: No bots here!

BTC just crashed to its lowest point this year. Are you buying the dip and hodl-ing?

What's your thesis on why it happened?

Another week, another clip on our Tech progress!

#FINXFLO #cryptotrading #liquidity

Meme coins, especially in a volatile market, are known for highly unpredictable moves.

Which one are you paying attention to and why?

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What is a blockchain? How do they work? Get ready to dive deeper with our latest blog post!

Start learning now➡️

So many tokens and assets on blockbank. Let us know which one is the favorite that you are buying, trading, and staking!

Our Telegram Community is growing!
Are you a part of it? 🥳

Join the fun now ⚡️

We're obsessed with security, so you don't have to be. We prepared a how-to on spotting crypto scams. Check this out, and send it to those you care about 🤓

Learn more ➡️

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globe | Interviews 40 is live at 8am UTC

Starlight meets James Wo(@realjameswo): DFG Founder / CEO & Jsquare Co-Founder / CIO at #ParisBlockchainWeek


#PBWS2022 #Jsquare #Polkadot

Think markets now trading US recession as primary driver vs tightening (still matters but now secondary). Bonds signaling that (not falling any longer).

Commodities need to fall to strengthen this view. A falling dollar with falling commodities would be ideal for risk assets.

Tether Attestation is out


globe | Interviews #39 is live in 30 minutes

Sunlight chats with Evin McMullen (@provenauthority), CEO of Disco (@discoxyz) on identity, data handling and reputation in the #metaverse!

Watch now 👇

#decentralizedidentity #web3

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🎊Hey MILCians!

Here's an interesting poll for you!📊

Tell us what attracted you towards the platform ✨🚀

➡️Participate in the poll which is live on the Social Community Platform: https://community.milc.global/post/2365

#Metaverse #MILCplatform $MLT 🎬

♦️MILC Platform has organized a $2000 MLT #Giveaway for the community!💸

🚀Join official group of @thefilm_verdict on the Social Community Platform: https://community.milc.global/group/94

🚀Hit likes on their recent posts for bonus points✨

🗓️Last Date: 31st May

#MILCplatform $MLT 🎬

⚡️Top Projects with Market Capitalization of $5M - $10M
18 May 2022

Still up-to-date! There is no $MLT @MILCplatform airdrop.

#Airdrops #AirdropCrypto https://twitter.com/weezel87/status/1520717718659514369

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Join the IX Swap community!

Join the telegram channel for all the latest updates happening in the security token Industry🚀

Come say hi and get access to some of the rarest security tokens in the world 🌎

Click down below👇


Join our Twitter space in t-30 minutes🚀

We are tokenizing the world 🌎

It all starts with spreading the word and educating the masses about STOs!🙌

Tune in tonight at 9:15 PM EST!

Topic: The Next Generation of Trading in web3

💻: @IxSwap
🧠: @julian2kwan

🔥: @StephenWealthy_
🦄: @theblondebroker
🤍: @AshleyDCan
🚀: @TradeTracer
🐸: @NFTMillionaire
🏆: @chadsgx

Same link👇👇👇

The argument that cryptocurrency is speculative because it isn’t backed by anything is stronger now than ever.

On-chain securities disprove this.

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What are the core beliefs and principles that EQIFi stands for?

Over the next few days, we'd like to share the philosophies upon which we are based.

We'll share more about our "why's" and how they align with the #EQIFi products.🙌

Stay tuned and join the conversation!🛎️


Nearing retirement and concerned about making your funds last?💰

EQIFi is the perfect fit. ✅

Users can deposit funds into our products (which have high yield), live off those funds, and still, leave something to the next generation.

#EQIFi $EQX #DeFi #Fintech #BSC #ETH #BTC

The #EQIVerse Party was among the best at @TheBitcoinConf 🎉

Influencers, artists, metaverse partners, and the entire EQIFi team were there.🙌

We made some great partnerships that we're excited to tell you about soon.

#EQIFi #NFTs #Bitcoin2022 #BTC #EQIfamily #EQIverse

Did you know EQIFi hosted its own workshops during @TheBitcoinConf?

We had insightful sessions from four inspiring speakers, including @YasarCorp @POLCDev
from @PolkaCity and @JLawlerCal🙌

#EQIFi #Metaverse #NFTs #Bitcoin2022 #BTC #Bitcoin #cryptonews #EQIfamily #EQIverse

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Why did @TipLinkOfficial win a prize at the @solana Hackathon? Well, we had a great chat with them about it and it's even recorded in case you missed it 👀

The Week in Review is here with the latest updates! Today we have:

✅ +$1,5 billion in cumulative trading volume
✅ $RIN staking updates - APR +90%
✅ Aldrin Spaces with @TipLinkOfficial
✅ A hint 👀

Read all about it here👇

There's a bear market and a bull market but for builders there's only THE market 👀

Join me in Space! https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1mrGmaYqZBBGy

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True decentralization of VPN services is coming your way!

We do not collect any user data. Users do not even need a username or password to use KelVPN.

Why we were built on

Because your safety is our priority: post-quantum key exchange, symmetric cyphers and digital signatures which are PQC NIST finalists.

#cellframe #kelvpn

KelVPN team is getting ready to launch a test network named Hermann Minkowski, the great mathematician.
The main feature of the testnet is the ability to provide VPN and get rewards in test tokens.

Stay tuned for updates.

Why post-quantum encrypted VPNs are safer and what is post-quantum encryption?

Read about it in our post https://kelvpn-network.medium.com/what-are-the-benefits-of-a-post-quantum-encrypted-vpn-a81b6fa45534

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It's go time for #Greenheart $CBD in New Jersey!

The licensing has been finalized and the seeding begins THIS MONTH. 📆

You can support this real life farm AND earn rewards by #staking on our website: http://www.greenheartcbd.com

Only 5 weeks until the @CollisionHQ #tech conference! 📆

The #Greenheart $CBD team is gearing up for one of the world's biggest events with over 33,000 attendees.

We're ready to showcase a future improved by the balance of nature and #technology! 🌎

We love #hemp. It can be cold-pressed into incredible $CBD products, its seeds are packed with nutrition, and the fibers have endless applications. 💚

Even its growth is beneficial: it can remove toxins and radioactive material from the soil! 🤯

Our first farm-connected staking pool is live!

You can go to http://www.greenheartcbd.com to stake your #Greenheart $CBD tokens. 💚💚

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🚨Please Update Your Nodle Cash App before Monday (5/23)

Read Announcement: https://bit.ly/3Pz3583

😮Have you entered the new Nodle Telegram Community Member of the Week Contest for a chance to win up to 500 $NODL? A new winner will be chosen every Friday from 5/20-7/1!

✅Rules: https://bit.ly/NodleContestRules
🎉Enter Here: https://bit.ly/telegramcontest520

#nodle #crypto #contest #entertowin

Beyond excited to announce that @NodleNetwork will be migrating to its parachain + allocating crowdloan rewards on Monday 23rd! Might be live-tweeting the process...

More details here https://medium.com/nodle-io/nodle-polkadot-parachain-migration-increasing-security-and-moving-toward-decentralization-692bab8e3df5

We're LIVE at the Global Investor Conference! Join us virtually now as Nodle’s CEO & Co-founder Micha Benoliel @anthenor discusses "Decentralizing the Web, a New Freedom" Join here: https://bit.ly/NodleGIC22

#nodle #decentralized #nodl $NODL #GICLisbon

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Blockchain4Good AMA 💬

You are all invited to join the @B4G_io AMA to introduce the collective, it’s mission and answer any questions you have for the group! 🤓

When: May 25th, at 5pm UTC
Where: Zoom - http://bit.ly/B4G-AMA

The World Mobile Deployment Diary is live.

#WorldMobile $WMT

ICYMI: A World Mobile AMA with @MrTelecoms, @aomnet, @AntonioHS_WM and @FIFTY_1

🎧 Listen to the recording ➡️ https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1nAKEYydodbKL

#CardanoCommunity $WMT

So, what’s an AirNode? 📡

World Mobile Chief Technology Officer @AntonioHS_WM explains ⬇️

#WorldMobile #Blockchain #Cardano $WMT

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The World Mobile Deployment Diary is live.

#WorldMobile $WMT

ICYMI: A World Mobile AMA with @MrTelecoms, @aomnet, @AntonioHS_WM and @FIFTY_1

🎧 Listen to the recording ➡️ https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1nAKEYydodbKL

#CardanoCommunity $WMT

And we are live with @WMTZac!

Our Head of Token @WMTZac will be live on Twitter Spaces with @MuesliSwapTeam in their first ever Project Spotlight, featuring $WMT. 🎉

Discussion will include news and developments, latest plans and some Q&A from the community.


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When you hear someone doubting the future of crypto: remember this moment in time. #noFUDFriday

Another step towards our mission:

“The INX community has grown significantly as both token and equity holders join us in implementing our vision of a digital future.”- @sdatika1


“DMG believes that INX represents a multi-billion dollar opportunity as a front-runner in digital asset trading markets. INX is well-positioned to take significant market share as one of the top regulated trading platforms in 5 years.” @SeekingAlpha

Listen in to the lively conversation on INX's 24/7 365 trading of digital securities. "We are working to change the paradigm through introducing new investment opportunities and capital raises for the people, by the people,” @DCBorthwick

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In case you missed it - it drop us a DM if this sounds like your thing!

Holy shit! The market is nuking 🧐

Lets go live and talk about it 🤪


Hey fam. @RealHxroLabs is looking to grow its content team. Both on-camera and editing positions are open.

If you're dreading filling out that McDonalds app and are looking to join one of the most exciting eco's in crypto, drop the Labs Twitter a DM.

What is there with $hxro @HxroNetwork ? Why are @Sicarious_ and @AltcoinPsycho , what do these guys see in hxro? What do i see in $hxro and why am i so bullish on the project? What makes it worth sticking to hxro long term? Time for a 1/x🧵

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The #Baanx community is growing and we are all over the world 🌐

Reply with your Country’s flag and tell us from which part of the world are you here with us 👇

In a case you missed our AMA on May 12th with @Kieron_Baanx, you can read its recap over on our Medium 📒

Don't forget to repost and like it! 🥰


#Baanx #BXX #crypto #Cryptocommunity #DeFi #Fintech #WEb3 #NFT #cryptocurrency

We’d like to introduce you to Stableloans.

Much like a #Cryptodraft, #Stableloans also allow you to borrow against your crypto - all with the same level of control!


#Baanx #DeFi #Fintech #Web3 #BXX #crypto

Waiting for the greenery in the #crypto market like:

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