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For this #Chartology episode we'll take a look at the famous Doji.

The word "doji" comes from the Japanese phrase meaning "the same thing."

What is the reason behind this pattern's name? Find out below. 1/3

Do we have a new star rising?

Trader of the Week is @Andre91316918, who's also this week's top Pollenator.

He made 2 rebalances and increased his portfolio by a bit over 4% each time. 1/2

With our Governance Portal now live, you're probably eager to submit & vote on proposals.

You need $vePLN for this, but how do you get it?

Simple - it only takes a few clicks to convert $PLN to vePLN. Just follow the instructions below. 1/4

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Ready to take advantage of the amazing benefits NFT ticketing offers? 💙

It's easier than you might think 🤔

Check out our guide on what creating NFT tickets will be like on our platform in 5 easy steps 👇

Day 13 of tweeting @NFFC until we become their shirt sponsor!

This specific admin may currently be in the middle of a rave but we’re committed.

Hope to speak soon x

Analogue is back 🎙️

Vinyl sales so far this year have outstripped Playstation games, CDs & DVDs 🔊

See the full story here👇

What is SeatlabNFT? 🎟️

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Make sound, sustainable investment decisions with Inspira Wealth.

The Inspira House Fund will focus on supporting the local community so that we can help reduce our carbon footprint from long-haul transportation of goods.

Join Inspira today;

Inspira Wealth is at the Monaco Yacht Show! 📢

The show unveiled its #Sustainability hub where we saw innovative and tried-and-true eco-friendly solutions for the future of yachting.

@VjAngelo21 and @Jd1Sears are attending from Inspira Wealth 👏

A brilliant performance from @morleyyouthfc under 10's on their 4-2 win on Saturday📢

We aim to invest in youth sport knowing the importance of youth development through a sense of team work, whilst also understanding the emotions of winning and losing🤝


Congratulations @rbellrally and the Inspira Rally Team on the third consecutive podium finish! Great results at the @rallyyorkshire
#ClimatePositive #InspiraWealth

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Had a pretty fun time at @EthernityChain's @decentraland community hangout. Ended up becoming an impromptu DJ near the end. 😅

Photo credit - @Greta_Ethernity

Join us in the @Decentraland HQ for a community hangout at 1pm EST (in 30 mins) 🔥♾

Join 👉

Working tirelessly with the team on the @Exorians game!! The creative part is the most fun I had in years! Obviously on a space adventure ,you need comfortable spaceships! Pls #RT & comment what else we need to add, best idea wins 1000$ worth of $ERN - @EthernityChain #giveaway

So stoked for the future! #BuildingMode @EthernityChain @EthernalLabs $ERN

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Tune in next Tuesday 10/4 to watch Kurt Nielsen and Brian Gallagher introduce the Partisia Blockchain Rewards and Staking model, followed by live Q&A to answer any of your questions.

Want a quick reminder next week? Sign up 👉

Meet our speaker, Kurt Nielsen 👋

Kurt is Co-Founder of @partisiampc, solving the blockchain trilemma and built for trust, transparency, privacy, and speed of light finalization.

Kurt is also an Associate Professor at UCPH.

Meet him at #TOKEN2049:

Brian Gallagher, Partisia Blockchain Co-Founder, discussing TradeFi and Privacy-preserving DeFi solutions on blockchain at @token2049 with speakers from @dragonfly_xyz, @BitGo, @cronos_chain and @1inch.

#blockchain #privacy #defi

How does Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) protect the privacy of citizens and the business secrets of organizations? Listen to @partisiampc's unique web3 data economy solution.
Register online for the MPC Data Privacy Online Summit:

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Here is a weekly update for #Devvio and #LitCraft ...

-- Ted on our team is getting back from a plastics conference. We are seeing a lot of great opportunity for plastics offsets. It is going to be a big business category in the ESG space.

We're bringing in the whole Devvio team as well. We've got strategy meetings Wednesday, team building events that will be fun to hang out with the gang Thursday (golf, rock climbing, trip to old town, etc),

Friday is BlockFiesta itself and we have a number of team member presentations in addition to mine, and Satuday the team can see the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Will be a great week for #Devvio

We’ve done a great update the the #DevvESG site - The update shows our emphasis in creating, tracking, and selling ESG assets.

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Happy #MonsterThursday everyone
@Naramunz_Fox was challenging the Spider boss today👀 We will update later on today😏
#naramunz #GameFi #games #web3 #NFTGame #blockchaingaming #NFTs #NEAR #RPG #NFT

Happy #NPCWednesday everyone
Our #NPC's make new connections in the gaming world at the @PGConnects
Greetings from Helsinki 👋
#Naramunz #PGConnects #games #GameFi #NFTGame #NFTs #Blockchaingaming #blockchain #web3 #NFT #NEAR

We're developing a mobile phone!

jk, we did just get this message through, though.

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1/ The $OP airdrop was worth $50k at it's peak, and the same will happen for @arbitrum 🪂

Here's EVERYTHING you need to know to be eligible for the $ARBI Airdrop 🔥


⚡️ Web3 data firm Space and Time, raised $20 million in strategic funding from investors like @Microsoft's M12 fund, @avalancheavax & @0xPolygon, amongst others⚡️

🌐 @SpaceandTimeDB aims to transform central databases into trustless data sources powered by smart contracts 🌐

❗️Kazakhstan is ready to legalize a mechanism for converting cryptocurrencies to cash if there is demand❗️

🚀 President Tokayev emphasized that Kazakhstan aims to become an international leader in the field of digital technology, cryptocurrency ecosystem & regulated mining 🚀

⚽️ Italian club @acmilan is stepping into crypto with a new collection of NFTs from Solana-based esports franchise @TheMonkeyLeague ⚽️

The new NFT partnership will let fans mint Rossoneri-branded wearables & give them access to game tournaments ⚡️

Let us know your thoughts! 👇

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🚨🚨🚨 @UKISSTech IDO pool is OPEN 🚨🚨🚨
Join -

📢UKISS Hub now supports the following networks:
@avalancheavax (#AVAX )
@OKCNetwork's #OKXChain

(P.S You don't need to do anything to your Hugware®️, just download UKISS Hub again or wait for the auto-update)


@Scaleswapio | 10 am UTC
@Safelaunch1 | 11 am UTC
@TrustPad | 8 pm UTC

@PancakeSwap | 📅Oct. 3

(P.S Beware of fake KISS token sales. Stick to official platforms only!)


Hugware®️ can now secure both💰coins and 📁files. If you've already gotten yourself a Hugware wallet, be sure to check your inbox from today to get the:
1. License key
2. Link to U-Archive
3. User guide


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Tomorrow we explore innovation in DeFi insurance and why it’s one of the most important areas for DeFi adoption. Panelists from innovative protocols like @SolaceFi (@0xnimz), @FairsideNetwork and @SteadyStateDeFi. Co-hosted by wonderful @Dynamo_Patrick

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❕ZkMartrix is Now Live on Cortex❕

Another big development following the #EthereumMerge

Cortex has successfully deployed the #ZkMartix AKA ZkRollup layer2 solution.🚨

The transaction speed on the #Cortex chain is now as high as 2,000 TPS 🚄


🤯Cortex Project Updates #105

- Communication with exchanges & partners about mining pool & node update
- Working on a new Wallet feature
- Preparation of ZkMatrix V1 release
- Cortex Node update v1.10.32


A Friendly Reminder⛏️⛏️⛏️

To avoid future issues when mining $CTXC, please perform a node update using the following document.👇

Cortex $CTXC computing power🦾 has grown significantly after the #ETHMerge 🤲 & one of our developers has been given an achievement as a core #Ethereum contributor👇

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For all the our new community members, welcome and check out our announcement trailer.
#Gaming #Ashfall

Something is definitely brewing…

The Wizards are taking over @hedera🧙🏻‍♂️

Familiars Minting October 7th!🔮

Powered By:
@Venly_io @DropperNFT @HBAR_foundation

This the first sneak peak of @metawizardsnft familiar drop coming October 7th sponsored by @DropperNFT on @hedera this going to be crazy !


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⚡ @subscan_io has released their XCM dashboard!

Tracking XCM transfers has become a lot easier and let's you see where all the action is at!

We love to see it as we're already setting up numerous channels 🕶️

Fun to play around with, give it a try!

1/ 💥 @circlepay announced $USDC is coming to #DotSama!

$USDC will launch natively on Statemint (a common-good parachain) and will be available to all parachains via XCM transfer.

This means there's no bridging risk attached when moving $USDC from one parachain to another.

🌌 With the @amplitude_chain democracy launch looming, it's a great time to revisit Spacewalk!

Give this thread a read and get up to speed in minutes.

We want to give everyone plenty of time to figure out the best moves once Spacewalk connects @StellarOrg with @Polkadot!

If you missed all our AMA's for @DarwiniaNetwork and @DarwiniaAMAs then dont you worry you can listen to them all day here!!, its also available on @Spotify as well!!

Great talks from @YoudleDAO @GmOrDie_ @oak_network @InterlayHQ @pendulum_chain and more

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🏆We have drawn at random the first winners of the Galaxy NFT Multi-Token ISPO lottery!!!🏆

Winners for epochs 364, 365 and 366 have been sent a Galaxy Multi-Token ISPO ticket #NFT directly to their wallet!

If you want to know if you won, simply look at your wallet! 👀

A great #ebook from our friends at @GeniusyieldO about #ISPO(s) on @Cardano. You can get yours at

Clarity is highlighting the communities building in our ecosystem. This week we’re featuring @GeniusyieldO! Let’s learn more about this exciting Cardano project 🧵

🔥 Genius X Video Update 🔥

We are happy to introduce the second video covering different aspects of the Genius X project! This video will cover the Genius X NFT reward program.

check out the video here 👇

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Inflation hurts! Think of SyncDAO like a modern replacement for your bank savings account. Instead of losing purchasing power as a result of inflation, you receive recurring interest payments for storing your money in SyncDAO’s DeFi vault. That’s why we call it “Forever Money”.

When we go beyond the Perpetual Vaults, we'll have the SyncDAO wallet. This will make it easy for anyone to be an affiliate, and share this easily on the fly with others right from the palm of their hands.

In the near future, what projects would you like to see on the SyncDAO platform?

Let us know below!

Most people don’t realise that there are 1.8B people in the world who can't typically access the same level of basic banking services as others. There’s a human impact to that, a limitation of access to resources, decreased quality of life, a limitation on developmental capacity.

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Exactly two years ago I had the first idea of turning social media posts into NFTs with @cloutdotart

From a crypto degen idea we've moved into one of the most exciting industries — the creator economy.

#CreatorEconomy #HBARbarians #NFTCommunity #nfts

⚠️The waiting is over⚠️ #whitepaper is out ➡️……

We can’t wait to hear the feedback from you guys - please share in the comments. And remember... #WAGMI💪

@hedera @hbarfoundation #HBAR #HBARbarians #OGcollection #premint #NFTart

🗣️ Whitepaper will be revealed TODAY!
Is anyone excited as we are? 🙌
Stay tuned ➡️

#HBAR #HBARNFT #HBARcommunity #eeeyeee #NFTdrop #NFTcollections #NFTartwork #NFTdrop #NFTsales

Do you know who this is? 🤔
Can you guess?
🤫Hint: Modern Reinessaince and rebirth of the independent creator.

#HBARNFTs #HBAR #HBARcommunity #eeeyeee #nft #NFTCommunity #NFTdrop #NFTartists

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Happy #SaturdayMorning! Let's get excited for #Trivia in the #BadDays Discord channel!

Your chance to #win #prizes in the #giveaway! Join the Discord to take part today:

It’s Saturday! That can mean only one thing!!! It’s time for #baddays trivia!

Join the discord channel, take part in the trivia and be in with a chance of winning some awesome rewards!!

#BadDays BDC Hunt continues today in our #Discord!

Join today's Trivia 2pm UTC and earn points towards awesome in game prizes!!! Potions to Pog and even Characters!!

Join Discord now:

@RaritySniperNFT I love the fact i can use my #NFTs in the #baddays beta! The fact they have a use case is essential! (except those rare cases of pure art)

@MarvelousNfts_ on polygon is smashing it with utility for their NFTs and token!

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Our #DigiCorp & #DigiThree team had an incredible time attending the @Blockchain_Expo 2022.

The event was packed with visionaries & builders of #Web3.
Thanks to everyone who visited our booth.🙏

#blockchain #Metaverse #technology #tradeshow #enterprise #future #innovation $DGMV

They will soon all wake up to $DGMV 😌🫣😋
#web3 #Metaverse #eid #digitalidentity

#DigiCorpLabs ecosystem is writing history in #web3.

Amazing to see attention for a Web3 startup like #DigiThree by @Dutchitchannel🙏

#future #DigitalTransformation #BLOCKCHAIN #Technologie #Innovations #business #Digital #strategy #Security

The #DigiCorpLabs ecosystem is growing strong to increase utility for $DGMV 🔥

Our enterprise focused entity #DigiThree together with its strategic partners are seeing an increasing awareness.

Powered by #DigiByte #Blockchain and #Threefold grid.😉⚡️

#web3 #Metaverse #altcoins

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Happy #ITProfessionalsDay to everyone in educational technology, who strives to advance the way teaching is approached across the globe, and everyone making sure that all students have equal access to any tools or adjustments they might need for their education path. #edtech

💫For any of our dear newcomers🤗

Here are some important links to get you started⬇️⬇️⬇️

If you have any questions for us, ask away! 🍀 #education #edtech #technology $STUD #blockchain

🟣How Studyum makes learning engaging in three simple steps⬇️

1️⃣By allowing freedom of choice (Autonomy)
2️⃣By creating a close-knit community (Relatedness)
3️⃣By supporting users on their journey to mastery (Competence) 🦾

Very useful. @CertiK, @anciliainc and Salus Security (as well as Binance) are great for doing this! 🤞💪

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Award Pool presents... The Shortest Tokenomics Article Ever Written #tokenomics #blockchain

🌴 We are excited to have @rUv of @AwardPool join us as a speaker for Miami!📣

DCENTRAL Miami is the largest combined Web3 conference for NFTs & Defi.

Nov 28th-29th.
5 Stages. 200+ Exhibitors. Afterparties.

Get your tickets now! 👇

🌴 We are excited to have @vagabondpoet of @AwardPool join us as a speaker for Miami!📣

DCENTRAL Miami is the largest combined Web3 conference for NFTs & Defi.

Nov 28th-29th.
5 Stages. 200+ Exhibitors. Afterparties.

Get your tickets now! 👇

We have lots of new projects on Award Pool! Remember, you can always visit
to see what new campaigns have launched.

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Twitter spaces with @Oiggroup happening on Oct 2, 3PM UTC.

Let's talk about Parastate & SafeStake ETH2.0 staking 💥
#Ethereum #ETH #EthereumMerge #Staking #SafeStake #Testnet 💫

Glad to announce that we have just committed another major debug iteration in SafeStake Testnet 💥

New features & enhancements:
✅Fixed deadlock codes
✅Added the version number for Operator messenger
✅Mandate the Beacon node synced before printing out the Operator public key

📊 Parastate Weekly Staking Statistics 📊

✅ Claim the tokens at
✅ Stake $STATE at

#staking #ParaState #SafeStake #EthereumMerge #Web3 #Cryptos #Ethereum #WASM #DAO 🔥

Dear community, please don't forget to join our Twitter spaces with @Oiggroup on Sept 25 2022, 3PM UTC 🔥
#AMA #NFT #TwitterSpaces #Giveaway 💥

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Pumped to join the @vulcanforged family! Taking the next step for @GalacticFL to become a playable game!! cheers to the next step bbboooiiiss 🍻👊🏾 #passion $PYR #vulcanforged #GalacticFL

Gaming juggernaut Vulcan Forged acquires Galactic Fight League!

More info:

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👋 Happy Friday, Folks!

#dailyAPY 💜 Solana Edition!

Yield Farming 🧑‍🌾
@orca_so ▶️ 91%
@MarinadeFinance ▶️ 78%

Stablecoins 📊
@Saber_HQ ▶️ 18%
@QuarryProtocol ▶️ 8%

⚡️ Name your Favorite $SOL Protocol 👇 We might Integrate it! 😉

🎉 Congratulations to @stakewise_io team with v3 Launch!

Big step for decentralization of $ETH 🚀

Riders, we will be hosting another Friday Spaces. We're happy to have @defiyield_app as a guest to discuss 5 most common risk of #DeFi.

🎙 Features of DEXes & risks of DeFi
📅 Friday, Sep 30th, 6PM UTC

Come join us and prepare your questions! 🍿


💙 As Promised, We are 🔴 LIVE on YouTube! 🥳

News that we will be discussing:
✅ $ETH Inflation down by 95%
✅ Geopolitical Events
✅ And More!

⚡️ Special Guests: @resdegen @interpretcrypto @ninhtran09 @EAMCrypto @Dynamo_Patrick @defislate

👇 Tune in!

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our live chat support team is here to assist you whenever you need us.

P/S: No bots here!

BTC just crashed to its lowest point this year. Are you buying the dip and hodl-ing?

What's your thesis on why it happened?

Another week, another clip on our Tech progress!

#FINXFLO #cryptotrading #liquidity

Meme coins, especially in a volatile market, are known for highly unpredictable moves.

Which one are you paying attention to and why?

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The wait is nearly over, and we’re on the countdown to blockbank V3 launching for the world to see. 🚀

We can’t wait to share so many exciting updates.

To the community that always believed in us - you’re great, and we’ll do extraordinary things together. 🌏 @blockbankapp

Hey, blockbankers!🧡
We’re about to launch some really exciting news; don’t miss out!🚀
Sign up to our newsletter:
Join the telegram chat:

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I really shouldn't even be sharing this.
But here we are.

Watch the video n save yourself some money.

A mechanical guide to trading reversals (SFP's sweeps etc)

Likes and RT's would be really appreciated fellas. leshgo

Ty @globedx


Early 1800s: 5
Napoleonic Wars: 3.62
US Civil War: 10
WW1: 3.66
WW2: 3.25
1949 devaluation: 2.8
BoP crisis: 2.4
Vietnam War: 2.65
Oil crisis: 1.58
Plaza Accord: 1.05
ERM: 2
GFC: 1.35
Brexit: 1.2
Today: 1.03

New interview 🦋

Meet Paul Howard, Co-founder of Digital Art Fair, the world’s leading Web 3.0 fine art fair

Find out 👇
🤖 Paul's algorithmic trading tips
🦋 What Digital Art Fair are doing for NFTs


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Top 10 Promising Projects with Market Cap Under $10 million

This time we made a list of the top 10 projects, in our opinion, with a current market cap under $10 million, which you can take a closer look at.


1) Did you know that you can get a free land in the metaverse? in @MILCplatform
All you need to do is register on the Milc platform !
They will be assigned to you automatically 🙂 🥳👀


#metaverseland #MetaverseNews #MetaVerse #Web3 #NFTs #Blockchain #Crypto #MILCplatform $MLT 🎬

MILC Platform's Senior Licensing Manager, Richard Flynn, recently penned down his expert opinions in an article: "The Metaverse: A new frontier for cinemas!"

📕 Get a read on this insightful article published by our partner, @CinemaTechToday:


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We're announcing the 2 lucky winners 🏆 of 150 $IXS each later today so hurry and join our #IXSwapTriviaTuesday now! LFG! 🚀

Details below 👇🏻

#giveaway #raffles #STO #Web3 #tokenization #securitytoken #FREE #CryptoGiveaway #blockchain #IXSwap #digitalasset #DeFi

Shoot your shot now at this week's #IXSwapTriviaTuesday quiz for a chance to win 150 $IXS for #FREE! 🚀

🏆 2 lucky winners to be announced tomorrow! Check out the post below on how to join 👇🏻

#tokenization #Web3 #NFT #blockchain #DeFi #STO #IXSwap #DeFi #giveaway #DigitalAssets

A future where everything can be #tokenized may be closer than we think. 🤯

For @CryptoCWU, co-founder of @realMatrixport, that future could just be 5-10 years away. 🚀

Read on to learn more 👇🏻

#tokenization #Web3 #NFT #blockchain #DeFi #STO #IXSwap

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Our topmost priority is to make our users feel secure.🎯

EQIFi Chairman Jason Blick answers during our AMA session

#EQIFi $EQX #DeFi #Fintech #Blockchain #Crypto #CryptoCurrency

What do you enjoy more?👀⚡️

Why choose EQIFi? 👀
Here are the main reasons.
To learn more please visit ✅

#EQIFi $EQX #DeFi #Fintech #Blockchain #Crypto #CryptoCurrency

One of our main goals is for our users to be able to sit back and relax while building their financial freedom.✅

#EQIFi#Crypto #Techtrailblazers

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Get on the waitlist and become eligible for the whitelist. Don’t be a Peter!

We know @rajgokal already paid for an ice cream with the #BuzzWallet but does he look like a RockyRoad guy, Pistachio guy or what? What is his favorite flavor?

What these guys are doing will blow your mind 🤯
It’s beyond anything you’ve ever seen.

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True decentralization of VPN services is coming your way!

We do not collect any user data. Users do not even need a username or password to use KelVPN.

Why we were built on

Because your safety is our priority: post-quantum key exchange, symmetric cyphers and digital signatures which are PQC NIST finalists.

#cellframe #kelvpn

KelVPN team is getting ready to launch a test network named Hermann Minkowski, the great mathematician.
The main feature of the testnet is the ability to provide VPN and get rewards in test tokens.

Stay tuned for updates.

Why post-quantum encrypted VPNs are safer and what is post-quantum encryption?

Read about it in our post

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Starting October 1st: #Hemptober

Celebrating upcoming $CBD 2.0

300 $CBD/day for the month 🤑

Follow @Dagnum_PI @greenheart_cbd

♻️RT & like ❤️

Tag two friends 🫂

Join Greenheart telegram

#GreenheartCBD will be offering an AR/VR #Metaverse where you can earn #CBD tokens, interact with our marketplace, and purchase real products.

#DeFi #dApp #AI

#GreenheartCBD's token #ecosystem is sustained through reward and buyback programs, as well as future initiatives to promote its use in our economy.

#DeFi #dApp #drone #CBD

The #global #market for #CBD is estimated to reach $20 billion by 2024, a huge increase on #sales of approximately $500 million in 2018.

#Greenheart #GreenheartCBD #DeFi #dApp

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$NODL is supported by many wallets:
- Nodle App:
- Polkadot.js:
- @wearetalisman
- @Ledger
- @NovaWalletApp
- @subwalletapp

The first week of the Nodle Weekly Activity Challenge has officially come to an end. Check our Discord to find out if you are among one of the 10 lucky winners! 🏆
If not, don’t worry; the new Weekly Activity Challenge has just started.

The future, a decentralized swarm computing network. (Thread)👇

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There is a fake Instagram account messaging its followers in an attempt to phish WMT vault credentials via a fake website.

World Mobile will NEVER contact you first, ask for your seed phrase, or sell tokens via DMs.

Please report ➡️

At 7pm UTC, World Mobile CEO, @MrTelecoms, will be speaking at #Mainnet2022 about connecting the unconnected with World Mobile's hybrid cellular network.

The World Mobile Deployment Diary: Update 05 is live.


$WMT #WorldMobile #Cardano #CardanoCommunity #Blockchain #Telecoms #Africa

The @WorldMobileTeam is back from Wyoming and @MrTelecoms will be answering your questions soon.


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The World Mobile Token Team will be at @token2049 SINGAPORE starting tomorrow!

@WMTZac @ExaltedHC @itsrvz will be attending.

If you're interested in saying hi or have something to propose to us let us know via reply or DM. 👋

@WmtUniNode Waiting on final papers and then we make history and fly this big bird.


There is a fake Instagram account messaging its followers in an attempt to phish WMT vault credentials via a fake website.

World Mobile will NEVER contact you first, ask for your seed phrase, or sell tokens via DMs.

Please report ➡️

Does a telco like #WorldMobile really need tokens to provide services? What is $WMT used for and why do we even use blockchain for World Mobile?

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The INX Digital Company Inc. has hired Keren Avidar as global general counsel.

Pretend you are surprised

We did it! Now we help others! More details at #TheTradingShow #Chicago! Join Our CFO, @rszkoda, tomorrow, 1:20 pm CST, in a Round Table on #raisingcapital using Reg CF, Reg A, D, S, and #ICOs. Learn about the hurdle-free path to raising capital:

A #Digital #economy puts YOU first! This is why we do it. This is how we do it:
#security #tokens #CryptocurrencyNews

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Hi! We’re OpenHxro (🟦,🟥)!

OpenHxro is a web3, on-chain derivatives trading application powered by Hxro’s derivatives protocol. We are the first DeFi application integrated to @HxroNetwork onchain derivatives network.

Let’s talk about what we’ve built 🧵


The HXRO community is pleased to welcome @openhxro to its ecosystem!

OpenHxro is an onchain derivatives trading application UI and is the first defi application integrated to the network.

Read more on OpenHxro in the blog below! (✖️, ✖️)

Markets are on the move this morning! @RandomTask555 will be live in 40 minutes to go over the charts - make sure to set your reminders!

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Want to know the latest in the #BXX community?

Here's our September community update to keep you in the loop! 👇

We recently asked our loyal #BXX community to share their ideas on the token's future utilities and features 🚀

Check out our findings over on the @BaanxGroup blog 👇

The story of #BXX started in 2017, but our journey is far from over!

Also, a special shout out to our community - whether you're new or an OG holder 😎 We can't wait to bring more utilities and benefits to you all!

Many are divided on whether the #EthereumMerge will make or break ETH's price.

Meanwhile, some are hopeful that this will be the answer to our prayers for the end of the long crypto winter 🙏

Find out more on our blog and leave your votes below 👇

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