24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our live chat support team is here to assist you whenever you need us.

P/S: No bots here!

BTC just crashed to its lowest point this year. Are you buying the dip and hodl-ing?

What's your thesis on why it happened?

Another week, another clip on our Tech progress!

#FINXFLO #cryptotrading #liquidity

Meme coins, especially in a volatile market, are known for highly unpredictable moves.

Which one are you paying attention to and why?

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What is a blockchain? How do they work? Get ready to dive deeper with our latest blog post!

Start learning now➡️

So many tokens and assets on blockbank. Let us know which one is the favorite that you are buying, trading, and staking!

Our Telegram Community is growing!
Are you a part of it? 🥳

Join the fun now ⚡️

We're obsessed with security, so you don't have to be. We prepared a how-to on spotting crypto scams. Check this out, and send it to those you care about 🤓

Learn more ➡️

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1/ For those who would like to bridge $bETH off of Terra to Ethereum, here’s a 🧵 on how to send your $bETH from Terra to Ethereum & swap it for $stETH, which yields you a staking yield of ~3.8% APR.

1/ Prop 1188 to ‘Burn the remaining UST in community pool + cross-chain liquidity incentive UST’ passed but did not successfully execute due to technical issues - it attempted to burn more $UST from the pool than existed.

More info can be found here 👇


1/ Recently, bad actors have been capitalizing on Terra-related events by purchasing $LUNA & posting fake proposals on Station with phishing sites quoted in the link. These proposals claim to lead users to a preview of Terra 2.0 & dApps launched by us - which is not the case.

1/ We have published an amendment to Proposal 1623, incorporating the community’s feedback since its publication 2 days ago. Please see below for details 👇


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#Mintlayer will be present at multiple events this May.

We'll be celebrating #BitcoinPizzaDay on May 22 at Rimini, sponsoring a VIP reception at Cannes Film Festival at Croisette on May 22 #Cannes2022, & attending the CoinAgenda Europe on May 23


@mintlayer @CryptoJonFR
Le hasard a fait que j’ai lu cet article juste avant de regarder ta vidéo sur Luna

Tu évoques le point de centralisation que représente la #LFG

Je t’invite à lire l’article, #Mintlayer propose une solution qui devrait t’intéresser

Curious to know why Mintlayer doesn’t have a Foundation?

Read more here: https://www.mintlayer.org/news/2022-05-18-why-mintlayer-doesnt-have-a-foundation/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social

This held true with #Bitcoin's Taproot update, though it's worth noting that many different participants, like merchants, exchanges, developers, and wallet applications need to arrive at a consensus for anything to change.

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globe | Interviews 40 is live at 8am UTC

Starlight meets James Wo(@realjameswo): DFG Founder / CEO & Jsquare Co-Founder / CIO at #ParisBlockchainWeek


#PBWS2022 #Jsquare #Polkadot

Think markets now trading US recession as primary driver vs tightening (still matters but now secondary). Bonds signaling that (not falling any longer).

Commodities need to fall to strengthen this view. A falling dollar with falling commodities would be ideal for risk assets.

Tether Attestation is out


globe | Interviews #39 is live in 30 minutes

Sunlight chats with Evin McMullen (@provenauthority), CEO of Disco (@discoxyz) on identity, data handling and reputation in the #metaverse!

Watch now 👇

#decentralizedidentity #web3

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What is your favorite sport 🦵💪🏋️🥷🥊

#Powerlifting 🏋️‍♂️ is an up and coming exciting sport. There are 3⃣ lifts used in powerlifting competitions- bench press, dead lift and squat.

The person who lifts the most combined weight in all three events, wins 🏆

#Urbanball #NFTs are the world's first #Streetfootball NFTs and they are on sale on the #BinanceNFT Marketplace!

These character and skill NFTs will be used on the #P2E game that will be coming out later on this year!

Get yours today!


By one estimate, the #NFTmarket stood at $41 billion at the end of 2021, approaching the size of the conventional art market! Others project it will grow by more than $147 billion by 2026, a compound annual growth rate of 35 percent📈

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Feel your freedom with the #Urbanball. Make sure you get  your own Urbanball at http://www.urbanball.com. 

PC: @ziomalfreestyle

World Champion @melofreestyleball with an awesome quote. #motivation #urbanball

A, B or C? Where is the #Urbanball on the original photo?

Don't look behind you, the future is ahead. ⚽⚽⚽ #urbanball

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Tomorrow, 32 central banks and 12 financial authorities (44 countries) will meet in El Salvador to discuss financial inclusion, digital economy, banking the unbanked, the #Bitcoin rollout and its benefits in our country.

Join our discord now to get your access to #alphaRelease

#Gaming is a fun, it's get better when you earn something from it. @BornToDieGame a #playtoeran game enables #passive income for the users.

#crypto #blockchain #ether #cryptonews #DesiCrypto #Trycrypto #Indiawantscrypto #generic #Web3 #MetaverseNFT

Gamer's be ready it's time to shoot as @BornToDieGame has came up in alpha version with the best graphics 🔥🔥🚀🚀

#cryptotrading #Crypto #cryptocurrency #Definews #NFTCommunity #NFTGiveaways #MetaverseNFT

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Reading the hopefully final lettering draft of #AssassinG and damn I’m just nerding out on the art! I still can’t believe I’m being paid to write this! 🤩😍 #comics #wuxia @ImmortalWuxia

What sort of character comes to mind when you hear "monk"? Is it a jovial, alcoholic, Friar Tuck figure? Is it someone like Aang or Tenzin from ATLA & its sequel? ⁠


Check out our top picks, and let us know yours!

#monks #media #portrayal⁠

Four days to go with new stretch goals unlock. Get three art prints and a new four-page crossover story when you pledge any of the tiers for our Immortal Studios FA SHENG: ORIGINS Kickstarter campaign. Thank you!

#fasheng #comics #wuxia #kickstarter

The Society of the Divine Word arrived in China in 1882, & offered legal protection to Christian converts, including bandits & criminals.⁠

Whether believers or opportunistic "Christians," local officials were up against a wall.

#funfactfriday #secretsociety #colonialism⁠

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The Rise In Security Pitfalls On Decentralized Oracles And The Upcoming Solutions https://usethebitcoin.com/the-rise-in-security-pitfalls-on-decentralized-oracles-and-the-upcoming-solutions

We've recently joined the UX Network as a block producer. We're looking forward to working with @Network_UX in pursuit of ubiquitous human controlled #identity. https://twitter.com/Network_UX/status/1526997757143179270

.@CryptoBloksIO has joined the @Network_UX as a Mainnet Block Producer, bringing their deep #payments, #risk, and #identity experience to our ecosystem. Together we are collaborating to launching a ubiquitous human controlled identity protocol centered on the UX Network.

New Decentralized Oracles built to tackle the problem of commercial viability.

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Crypto is driven by narratives 🗣

We’ve seen the #defi 💸 #gamefi 🎮 #metaverse 🌐 narratives take centre stage recently

What will be the next narrative in your opinion?

Let us know in the comments below what you think is up next 💭

We are proud to have launched some great #DEFI platforms

Have you used any of them?

Which upcoming #DEFI platform launches are you most looking forward to?

Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below

We are proud to have launched so many interesting and fun #play2earn games

Have you played any of them?

Which upcoming #play2earn games are you most excited about?

Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below

Community suggestions and feedback

Which features do you think are the most important for us to introduce in our upcoming UI/UX refresh on #Ignition?

Please let us know in the comments below 💭

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@MarvelousNfts_ Yes, it's about that time again, Baddays Trivia always making my weekend fun🎉, loads of character vouchers for winners. Setting my alarm now⏰
#baddays #p2e #marvelousnfts

@MarvelousNfts_ Awesome! Love the fact there’s a #free way to #win your way into the #p2e beta! #NFTCommunity will get behind these sort of things, especially with such a great game!!

#SaturdayMorning just got better! #NFTGiveaway #Giveaways #NFT

@MarvelousNfts_ I always love to partake in trivia, especially Baddays Trivia because I get to learn more and also have fun while learning, to cap it all, there are rewards 🎉
#baddays #p2e #marvelousnfts

@MarvelousNfts_ I love the trivia! So much fun and sometimes learn some awesome hints to progress in game!

Thanks @MarvelousNfts_ for giving us the chance to win our way into the beta! Then we can start #p2e for free and every earning is profit! Love it!

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📊 This week in #DeFi

🔹 ETH did $123M in total revenue this week
🔹 Australia’s 1st Ethereum ETF goes live
🔹 There is $56.8b locked in DeFi on #Ethereum
🔹 @optimismPBC daily transactions hit new ATH of 215,790

1/2 🧵

🧩 Bi-weekly dev update - 14.05.2022 😎

Q2 2022:
🏦 Stakbank: Jstak Dashboard
🏦 Stakbank: Auto Compounding
🍋 IDO: @PrecogFinance Postponed
🍋 Lemonade: Polygon Integration Q2
🔑 JWallet: Clickable prototype ready

1/6 🧵

Dear Community,

I am here to inform you that the first proposal was approved by jSTAK_Governors with an affirmative vote of 97.43% and 82.05% of the vote toward moving 50 percent of the cash (instead of 25).

Thread 🧵

🔥AMA with Jigstack COO Robert and Jigstack CTO Aidan is LIVE NOW🔥

💥Join us on our Discord 👉 https://discord.com/invite/3AxqQBPF?event=972854952575778876


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🎊Hey MILCians!

Here's an interesting poll for you!📊

Tell us what attracted you towards the platform ✨🚀

➡️Participate in the poll which is live on the Social Community Platform: https://community.milc.global/post/2365

#Metaverse #MILCplatform $MLT 🎬

♦️MILC Platform has organized a $2000 MLT #Giveaway for the community!💸

🚀Join official group of @thefilm_verdict on the Social Community Platform: https://community.milc.global/group/94

🚀Hit likes on their recent posts for bonus points✨

🗓️Last Date: 31st May

#MILCplatform $MLT 🎬

⚡️Top Projects with Market Capitalization of $5M - $10M
18 May 2022

Still up-to-date! There is no $MLT @MILCplatform airdrop.

#Airdrops #AirdropCrypto https://twitter.com/weezel87/status/1520717718659514369

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Join the IX Swap community!

Join the telegram channel for all the latest updates happening in the security token Industry🚀

Come say hi and get access to some of the rarest security tokens in the world 🌎

Click down below👇


Join our Twitter space in t-30 minutes🚀

We are tokenizing the world 🌎

It all starts with spreading the word and educating the masses about STOs!🙌

Tune in tonight at 9:15 PM EST!

Topic: The Next Generation of Trading in web3

💻: @IxSwap
🧠: @julian2kwan

🔥: @StephenWealthy_
🦄: @theblondebroker
🤍: @AshleyDCan
🚀: @TradeTracer
🐸: @NFTMillionaire
🏆: @chadsgx

Same link👇👇👇

The argument that cryptocurrency is speculative because it isn’t backed by anything is stronger now than ever.

On-chain securities disprove this.

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What are the core beliefs and principles that EQIFi stands for?

Over the next few days, we'd like to share the philosophies upon which we are based.

We'll share more about our "why's" and how they align with the #EQIFi products.🙌

Stay tuned and join the conversation!🛎️


Nearing retirement and concerned about making your funds last?💰

EQIFi is the perfect fit. ✅

Users can deposit funds into our products (which have high yield), live off those funds, and still, leave something to the next generation.

#EQIFi $EQX #DeFi #Fintech #BSC #ETH #BTC

The #EQIVerse Party was among the best at @TheBitcoinConf 🎉

Influencers, artists, metaverse partners, and the entire EQIFi team were there.🙌

We made some great partnerships that we're excited to tell you about soon.

#EQIFi #NFTs #Bitcoin2022 #BTC #EQIfamily #EQIverse

Did you know EQIFi hosted its own workshops during @TheBitcoinConf?

We had insightful sessions from four inspiring speakers, including @YasarCorp @POLCDev
from @PolkaCity and @JLawlerCal🙌

#EQIFi #Metaverse #NFTs #Bitcoin2022 #BTC #Bitcoin #cryptonews #EQIfamily #EQIverse

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Why did @TipLinkOfficial win a prize at the @solana Hackathon? Well, we had a great chat with them about it and it's even recorded in case you missed it 👀

The Week in Review is here with the latest updates! Today we have:

✅ +$1,5 billion in cumulative trading volume
✅ $RIN staking updates - APR +90%
✅ Aldrin Spaces with @TipLinkOfficial
✅ A hint 👀

Read all about it here👇

There's a bear market and a bull market but for builders there's only THE market 👀

Join me in Space! https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1mrGmaYqZBBGy

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True decentralization of VPN services is coming your way!

We do not collect any user data. Users do not even need a username or password to use KelVPN.

Why we were built on

Because your safety is our priority: post-quantum key exchange, symmetric cyphers and digital signatures which are PQC NIST finalists.

#cellframe #kelvpn

KelVPN team is getting ready to launch a test network named Hermann Minkowski, the great mathematician.
The main feature of the testnet is the ability to provide VPN and get rewards in test tokens.

Stay tuned for updates.

Why post-quantum encrypted VPNs are safer and what is post-quantum encryption?

Read about it in our post https://kelvpn-network.medium.com/what-are-the-benefits-of-a-post-quantum-encrypted-vpn-a81b6fa45534

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It's go time for #Greenheart $CBD in New Jersey!

The licensing has been finalized and the seeding begins THIS MONTH. 📆

You can support this real life farm AND earn rewards by #staking on our website: http://www.greenheartcbd.com

Only 5 weeks until the @CollisionHQ #tech conference! 📆

The #Greenheart $CBD team is gearing up for one of the world's biggest events with over 33,000 attendees.

We're ready to showcase a future improved by the balance of nature and #technology! 🌎

We love #hemp. It can be cold-pressed into incredible $CBD products, its seeds are packed with nutrition, and the fibers have endless applications. 💚

Even its growth is beneficial: it can remove toxins and radioactive material from the soil! 🤯

Our first farm-connected staking pool is live!

You can go to http://www.greenheartcbd.com to stake your #Greenheart $CBD tokens. 💚💚

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🚨Please Update Your Nodle Cash App before Monday (5/23)

Read Announcement: https://bit.ly/3Pz3583

😮Have you entered the new Nodle Telegram Community Member of the Week Contest for a chance to win up to 500 $NODL? A new winner will be chosen every Friday from 5/20-7/1!

✅Rules: https://bit.ly/NodleContestRules
🎉Enter Here: https://bit.ly/telegramcontest520

#nodle #crypto #contest #entertowin

Beyond excited to announce that @NodleNetwork will be migrating to its parachain + allocating crowdloan rewards on Monday 23rd! Might be live-tweeting the process...

More details here https://medium.com/nodle-io/nodle-polkadot-parachain-migration-increasing-security-and-moving-toward-decentralization-692bab8e3df5

We're LIVE at the Global Investor Conference! Join us virtually now as Nodle’s CEO & Co-founder Micha Benoliel @anthenor discusses "Decentralizing the Web, a New Freedom" Join here: https://bit.ly/NodleGIC22

#nodle #decentralized #nodl $NODL #GICLisbon

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Blockchain4Good AMA 💬

You are all invited to join the @B4G_io AMA to introduce the collective, it’s mission and answer any questions you have for the group! 🤓

When: May 25th, at 5pm UTC
Where: Zoom - http://bit.ly/B4G-AMA

The World Mobile Deployment Diary is live.

#WorldMobile $WMT

ICYMI: A World Mobile AMA with @MrTelecoms, @aomnet, @AntonioHS_WM and @FIFTY_1

🎧 Listen to the recording ➡️ https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1nAKEYydodbKL

#CardanoCommunity $WMT

So, what’s an AirNode? 📡

World Mobile Chief Technology Officer @AntonioHS_WM explains ⬇️

#WorldMobile #Blockchain #Cardano $WMT

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The World Mobile Deployment Diary is live.

#WorldMobile $WMT

ICYMI: A World Mobile AMA with @MrTelecoms, @aomnet, @AntonioHS_WM and @FIFTY_1

🎧 Listen to the recording ➡️ https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1nAKEYydodbKL

#CardanoCommunity $WMT

And we are live with @WMTZac!

Our Head of Token @WMTZac will be live on Twitter Spaces with @MuesliSwapTeam in their first ever Project Spotlight, featuring $WMT. 🎉

Discussion will include news and developments, latest plans and some Q&A from the community.


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With SafeStake, the power of the $STATE token will shine throughout the industry.

Understand the new economics and use cases for STATE tokens around the SafeStake- our latest secure, scalable and decentralized use case for ETH2.0 staking #eth2 #DAO


With WebAssembly, developers will be able to write smart contracts in the over 20+ programming languages in addition to Solidity.

Learn more about Programming Languages for deploying dApps with ParaState:

SafeStake webpage is now live ✅


SafeStake is a trust-minimized, middle-layer fostering decentralization of ETH2.0 staking.

Please refer whitepaper for more insights:

⚡️Update On $DOT Slot Auction Voting Schedule

🥇1st Place: PDEX @polkadex
🥈2nd Place: CTO @Coinversation_
🥉3rd Place: GEMINIS @_parastate

🔐Lock & Support Your Project Now: http://gate.io/slot_auction/?ch=en_sm_0522


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In case you missed it - it drop us a DM if this sounds like your thing!

Holy shit! The market is nuking 🧐

Lets go live and talk about it 🤪


Hey fam. @RealHxroLabs is looking to grow its content team. Both on-camera and editing positions are open.

If you're dreading filling out that McDonalds app and are looking to join one of the most exciting eco's in crypto, drop the Labs Twitter a DM.

What is there with $hxro @HxroNetwork ? Why are @Sicarious_ and @AltcoinPsycho , what do these guys see in hxro? What do i see in $hxro and why am i so bullish on the project? What makes it worth sticking to hxro long term? Time for a 1/x🧵

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The #Baanx community is growing and we are all over the world 🌐

Reply with your Country’s flag and tell us from which part of the world are you here with us 👇

In a case you missed our AMA on May 12th with @Kieron_Baanx, you can read its recap over on our Medium 📒

Don't forget to repost and like it! 🥰


#Baanx #BXX #crypto #Cryptocommunity #DeFi #Fintech #WEb3 #NFT #cryptocurrency

We’d like to introduce you to Stableloans.

Much like a #Cryptodraft, #Stableloans also allow you to borrow against your crypto - all with the same level of control!


#Baanx #DeFi #Fintech #Web3 #BXX #crypto

Waiting for the greenery in the #crypto market like:

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🍋Lemonade is a decentralized token #launchpad offering a cost-effective environment where #Jigstack users can enjoy:

✔️User-friendly UX
✔️High-level security
✔️Automated Distribution & Lock
✔️Automated Funding Rounds

👉Read more here: https://medium.com/@Lemonade_DeFi/lemonade-jigstacks-launchpad-by-and-for-the-community-6c8695bc1c74


Due to numerous contributing factors, we decided to delay our planned presale event with Lemonade Launchpad until further notice.

Read more about this here: https://precog-finance.medium.com/lemonade-presale-delayed-until-further-notice-7447307c5486

#Precog #PrecogPresale

Congrats @PrecogFinance team👏🏻🧩

📈#Precog takes advantage from the global #derivatives market, having the potential to make it completely #decentralized

🤖But how can AI-backed protocols benefit from this industry?

Let's have a look together!


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Music NFT Playlists are now available on Audius. 🎧🔥

Starting today, you can listen to and showcase all your Ethereum and Solana music NFTs in a single auto-generated playlist directly from the Audius platform!

🏬 Our @AudiusProject shopfront is now open!

OKB holders who are Audius members can now engage directly to share new music, connect with other holders who are musicians or music fans, and ask questions directly through our Discord.

Let’s make some noise 👌🐻🎧 https://twitter.com/audiusproject/status/1527112699104137217

Audius and @okaybears have teamed up to create the Audius Storefront within the Okay Bears Discord.


We're giving YOU the chance to open for the Audius closing party at Consensus 2022. 🎧

If chosen as the winner, you will receive:
- Roundtrip flight (from anywhere in the USA)
- Hotel
- Additional compensation for time & travel
- Ticket to Consensus


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