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BTC just crashed to its lowest point this year. Are you buying the dip and hodl-ing?

What's your thesis on why it happened?

Another week, another clip on our Tech progress!

#FINXFLO #cryptotrading #liquidity

Meme coins, especially in a volatile market, are known for highly unpredictable moves.

Which one are you paying attention to and why?

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🗞️News from the crypto world! @Tesla holds on to #Bitcoin, St. Maarten to adopt @trondao, Arizona introduces bill to make #Bitcoin legal tender and much more in this edition of the @blockbankapp Crypto News Desk!

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Regularly monitor your accounts & transactions for any suspicious activity and potential security vulnerabilities. By catching these issues early, you can take action to protect your cryptocurrencies from being stolen or compromised.


@ParrotCapital @Satoshi_Madoff @blockbankapp @binance Simple to explain first look at our tier based system understand we make a set amount per tier and disperse accordingly to treasury. We also only provide our top apys to our top tier who are biggest and best supporters our vips who invest a min 50k directly into our token.

📰The newest edition of blockbank Crypto News Desk is here, & it's chock-full of the latest developments in the crypto world.

Don't miss out on #4, it's a must-read for anyone looking to stay ahead of the game! #crypto #cryptonews #blockbank

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Terra Weekly #29 🌎

• The first chain on Feather & Alliance, a new AMM, & much more in the 🧵👇🏻

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@terra_money @orbital_command

1) Nauticus V1 has arrived 🔥

🐋 🤝 🌕

White Whale drops the alpha that they'll be utilizing Feather 🪶 and Alliance 🤝 to launch and scale their blockchain!

Who else is going to integrate the Alliance module upon launch?

More on this soon… 👀

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🍃Mintlayer ushers in the future of #DeFi on #Bitcoin by removing the need for wrapped tokens and bridges, & building native Bitcoin support directly into the platform.

Is Crypto Dead after the collapses of FTX and others last year? Find out how Mintlayer is building an ecosystem that brings Crypto back to its fundamental tenants

🕟 | NOW January 26, 4:30 CET
Join us NOW at

Mintlayer transactions will enjoy increased privacy through the UTXO model and signature aggregation; however when you really need privacy, the MLS-02 privacy token meets the requirements of even the most stringent cryptographer.

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from Globe 🎆

SIMP fan wanting to catch up on IreneDAO?

Catch Irene Zhao @Irenezhao_, Founder of IreneDAO @0xIreneDao and SO-COL @socol_io on Globe this week!

🤩Irene’s background
🧑‍🎓Lessons from IreneDAO
🌟What SO-COL does
🤔What is SimpFi?

Watch now

New 🇨🇳 language interview out now

Meet Leon, Co-founder of @CSpaceOfficial

Find out
🌞 Leon创立Type V Dao 的初衷和目标
🌄 认为Web3行业目前的现状是在至暗时刻还是在黎明前夕
🧸 应该如何在这次熊市当中生存呢


New interview 🧐

Meet Omar Yehia @0xomaryehia, Partner at C² Ventures @CsquaredVC!

Find out
🧑‍🎓 How Omar became a #crypto VC
🔮 What C² Ventures invests in
🤔 His thoughts on upcoming #web3 trends


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Middle eastern basketball🏀 legend @fadikhatib15 joins @seanfreestyle at the Podball podcast ⚽️🎙️ check out the full vid on Sean’s YT channel.

➡️ Did you know that individual sports develop higher levels of self-reliance, discipline, & motivation in athletes than team sports.

➡️ Winning or losing is down to the athlete entirely, how hard they trained, & how well they performed on the night.

#sports #health #wellness

🎥 watched the full episode yet❓
Head to @seanfreestyle’s YOUTUBE🔍 to watch the Podball podcast episode with guests Lama Masri and Nathalie Mamo 👯‍♀️ ⚽️ 🏀

#womeninsport #womeninsports #womeninspiringwomen #womeninfootball #womensupportingwomen #womenhelpingwomen

🗓️2022 was a huge year for EX Sports, 2023 is turning out to be even bigger 💪

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Feel your freedom with the #Urbanball. Make sure you get  your own Urbanball at 

PC: @ziomalfreestyle

World Champion @melofreestyleball with an awesome quote. #motivation #urbanball

A, B or C? Where is the #Urbanball on the original photo?

Don't look behind you, the future is ahead. ⚽⚽⚽ #urbanball

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Prepare for Thrilling Missions🎯 Powerful Heroes🦹🏼‍♂️ & Deadly Weapons🔫

Our beta updates are on the way, filled with new & exciting features that take your gameplay & immersion to the next level💪🏻

Check this thread ⤵️ for a sneak peek of upcoming updates

#Web3Games #roadmap

🎮Calling All Gamers🎮

Come join our Discord Community🙌

👉Connect with other players
👉Share tips & strategies
👉Participate in fun events & giveaways.

Invite your friends to join too!

Join Discord -

Don't miss out on the action🤟

#gamers #Web3

🚨Attention everyone!🚨

📥Have you participated in our Gleam Invite Contest yet?

If not, now is the time to do it!
Only 5⃣ more days left to enter and win amazing prizes.🎁

🤘Don't miss out on this opportunity!

#Gleam #Airdrop #Whitelist #NFTdrop

🎮Attention all gamers!🎮

Get ready for an epic night of racing & smashing at our Smash Karts Game Night! 🏎️

Tonight at 7 PM IST or 1:30 PM UTC

On our Discord -

🏆The winner will receive $10 BUSD or any other equivalent prize🕹️

See you🤗

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In light of the tragedy this weekend within our LA community, our CEO Peter Payhuan Shiao @petershiao would like to share a heartfelt message:

JK Rowling uses outlines.
Stephen King doesn’t.

Neil Gaiman writes everyday.
George RR Martin doesn’t.

Brandon Sanderson writes best at 1am.
William Faulkner at 9am.

The lesson? Do you.

This tradition is near and dear to our hearts❤️

If you look forward to this every year, tag someone you'd like to take with you in 2024!

#awakenyourhero #liondance #lunarnewyear

What a delicious way to kick off the week 😋

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Vigor staking is live at

Get your staking rewards now and support the development of Vigor 2.0

Details here :

The blockchain industry has over 81 Million active users, reports show.

What #DeFi Needs are Faster and More Trustworthy Oracles

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When it comes to projects, what kind do you prefer?

Gaming, #NFT, finance or...? #Ignition

GM ☀️ everyone, share your favorite #crypto related tip with us!

Learning about #crypto has never been this easy!

Check out #PAIDacademy and get yourself educated today.

With AI on the rise in #blockchain, show us some of the art you've generated.

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#BadDays can be #Gooddays when you're #P2Egaming!

We're surfin into the new week like #Silversurfer!

#BadDays #P2eGame #NFTs #polygon

Everyone is hitting up their favourite #p2egame during the #bearmarket get in quick before the #bulls return!

It looks like an important get together a MarvelousNFTs HQ!

I wonder what is brewing!

#BadDays #p2e #NFTgame

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📊 This week in #DeFi

🔹 There is $47.37B locked in DeFi on #Ethereum
🔹 $UNI holders voted to deploy Uniswap v3 to the BNB chain
🔹 DeFi forex will reduce cost by as much as 80%
🔹 Wormhole hacker transferred $155M to a DEX on Jan 23

1/2 🧵

📊 This week in #DeFi

🔹 There is $45.29B locked in DeFi on #Ethereum
🔹 SushiSwap’s to develop a DEX aggregator
🔹 Huobi team up to recover $2.5M from Harmony One hackers
🔹 MetaMask warns crypto users about address poisoning

1/2 🧵

📊 This week in #DeFi

🔹 There is $41.21B locked in DeFi on #Ethereum
🔹 Cosmos EUR stablecoin project to unwind after 2 years
🔹 Nomad exploit wallet address transfers $1.5M to Tornado Cash
🔹 Quantum computers may soon breach blockchain cryptography

1/2 🧵

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Hey #MILCians which car do you prefer? 👀

#MILC commercial trailer on it's way, starring our CEO @HendrikHey1 ⭐️🎥👀

Follow us on @LinkedIn:

Due to queries received by the @MILCplatform community, we confirm that posters submitted either in landscape or portrait format will be accepted.

Please also ensure to message us your MILC Community Username.

Last weekend to get those submissions in! ⏱️

25 January 2023

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Did you know?

The Future is Tokenized: Boston Consulting Group Predicted $16.1 Trillion in Illiquid Assets to be tokenized by 2030! Join IX Swap and be a part of the revolution 🚀

Why are institutions starting to tokenize their assets?


Join us in our firechat next week with Equanimity, a primary issuance platform.

We will learn about Equanimity, how IX Swap is working with Equanimity, and talk tokenization!

Come by with a question to win 1000 IXS
Wednesday, 1. Feb, 1:00 PM UTC

January 2023 Community AMA Recap 🚀

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💳The EQIFi Card is perfect for international travelers!

💸Access funds at ATMs globally ;
📈Spend in crypto anywhere Visa is accepted ;
🏛️Secure spending ;

What's more, application fees for individual accounts have been waivered until March 31st!

#cedefi #neobanking $EQX

👨Chairman and Co-Founder Jason Blick invites all those interested to apply for an EQIFi Visa Card.

💸Spend your money or crypto worldwide using a secure Visa Card!

🏛️Banking. DeFi. EQIFi.

#CeDeFi #banking #creditcard

🚀Check out this short video about EQIFi's Yield Aggregator!

🏛️Licensed, regulated, and secure, we help you reach your financial goals!

👐Sign up now at and check out the Yield Aggregator!

Banking. DeFi. EQIFi.

#crypto #neobanking #DeFi #investing $EQX

🚀Check out this short video about EQIFi's Yield Aggregator!

🏛️Licensed, regulated, and secure, we help you reach your financial goals!

👐Sign up now at and check out the Yield Aggregator!

Banking. DeFi. EQIFi.

#crypto #neobanking #DeFi #investing $EQX

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The decentralized and transparent nature of #blockchain can help to prevent governments and central banks from manipulating the money supply, which leads to #inflation.
#Crypto gives you back control over your own finances.

Both the internet and #cryptocurrencies have faced skepticism and resistance from those who are comfortable with the status quo, but have also been embraced by early adopters and visionaries who see their potential. #Crypto adoption has been much quicker. Pick the right side 👀

Not only your money must be safe, but actually working for you.

$mSOL / $USDC at +80% APR
@MarinadeFinance this LP is looking good 👀

As you know, we have a lot in the works. Would you rather go to concentrated liquidity instead of regular LPs?

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True decentralization of VPN services is coming your way!

We do not collect any user data. Users do not even need a username or password to use KelVPN.

Why we were built on

Because your safety is our priority: post-quantum key exchange, symmetric cyphers and digital signatures which are PQC NIST finalists.

#cellframe #kelvpn

KelVPN team is getting ready to launch a test network named Hermann Minkowski, the great mathematician.
The main feature of the testnet is the ability to provide VPN and get rewards in test tokens.

Stay tuned for updates.

Why post-quantum encrypted VPNs are safer and what is post-quantum encryption?

Read about it in our post

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Check out our charts! 2023 is going to be a GreenHeart's year, watch this space 💚 #CBD $CBD

In #CBDeFi the focus is to design an OpenAPI to maximize free market involvement 💚

Read more about our marketplace:

#CBD #GreenHeart #marketplace

Monday AMA Alert✨

Drop your questions here in the comments below, and our co-founder Mark Canavan will answer them first.

🗓 Jan 23rd
⏰ 2 PM EST
🏠 @greenheart_cbd

#AMA #metaverse #CBD #TwitterSpace

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Nodle has been nominated for the 2023 Products That Count Award!

Want to send a special Lunar New Year gift? Bridge tradition with technology by giving the gift of good luck and prosperity with Nodle’s unique red envelopes!

Received a Red Envelope? May the year ahead bring good luck, wealth, and abundance. You can continue the giving chain by sending red envelopes to your friends, family, and colleagues. Share the prosperity with others.
Happy Lunar New Year!

Have you tried the Nodle Red Envelope Experience yet? You can choose from a variety of dazzling designs on the Nodle app. Spread abundance this Lunar New Year and bridge tradition with blockchain technology.

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Meet Sabrina Masoud Juma, the owner of Chabby Collection and another satisfied #WorldMobile customer.

Watch the video below to learn more about Sabrina's experience using World Mobile, and positive influence it's had on her business.

WOW! 🤯 Mobilers, how are we feeling?

It’s safe to say that Community Update was one for the books.

A massive thank you to everyone for tuning in and submitting your questions!

Still have a question for the team? Leave it below and we’ll ensure you get an answer👇

OFFICIAL: #WorldMobile and @InputOutputHK Sidechain Announcement

Read more:

@cosmossdk $WMT #CardanoCommunity #DeWi

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There are still over 200 ENNFTs yet to be claimed.

Note: If you fail to claim your #ENNFT by the 5th of February, you will forfeit your right to claim!

$WMT #WorldMobile #CardanoCommunity #DeWi


#cardano #hosky @WorldMobileTeam @MrTelecoms #WorldMobile

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You may not know it yet, but over the next year, the biggest “degen” casinos will be built on top of @hxronetwork Dexterity and Parimutuel protocols.

Thanks to Hxro, the ability to test the limits gaming, trading and what lives in the seams has now been unlocked.


World class 🔥


HXRO/USDC whirlpool is now live on @orca_so☀️ $HXRO


Starting now! Tap in with @hxrobtc :

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Don't forget - @simonJones265 will be joining @CoinstoreExc today to discuss all things $BXX! 😎

Remember to tag 3 friends and drop your questions below to WIN $BXX tokens!

@BaanxGroup #BXXtoPluto 🚀

🎉 @Baanx_BXX is listed on @LATOKEN 🎉
👉 And the best part is, you can win $BXX by trading a minimum amount of 2300 BXX tokens on the exchange.
Hurry up, let's take #BXXtoPluto 🚀🪐

Crypto cashback 🧧

Getting gifts for your loved ones? Pay with your CL Card online or in-store and you’ll get a gift of your own.

For every purchase you make with your card, you’ll earn up to 2% cashback with no minimum spend! Get 1% in BTC and USDT and 2% in BXX.

One day soon this will happen we will get #BXXtoPluto trending on @Twitter

*Disclaimer* this is a meme and is not real but it will come true haha 😂

@Baanx_BXX $BXX

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They call it DeFi… 🤡

Let’s switch to Ethereum @optimismFND L2 Guys:

1️⃣ Instant transaction
2️⃣ Cheap fees
3️⃣ @synthetix_io is there!

What else? ☕️

🧐How will Lemonade benefit from Polygon integration?

😎Polygon will help Lemonade reducing costs for users, giving everyone the chance to join IDOs

1/2 🧵

@JWallet_ is going to be the game changer wallet 😉

Hey STAKers,
We are thrilled to announce that Lemonade is finally crosschain🥳

From now on, Lemonade will run on Ethereum, @OxPolygon and @hedera 😎

1/3 🧵

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Top 5 Trending Tracks 🔥
@iamginchy & @davidguetta & @MORTENofficial & @raye

We know we just missed Paris fashion week, but better late than never. Introducing the new Audius merch store!

Use promo code LAUNCH10 for the next few days to get 10% off your Audius ~ S W A G ~ 👕



Do you have a playlist on Audius? Post about it on Twitter and tag Audius - there's a chance you'll get a RT 🎉

Bonus points if your playlist takes submissions from the community 🙏

Excited to welcome the legend @Jerocantillo to Audius this week with 5 new songs uploaded 🚀❤️‍🔥

Listen & follow 👇

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