Comment your favourite #crypto research tools below! ✍🏼

The $FXF mobile app lets you execute responsive trades easily any time, anywhere📱 🙌

See the best available prices 👉

Crypto never sleeps, and neither does our $FXF mobile app📱

Trade on-the-go with the best available prices at your fingertips, anytime. 👉

Crypto scams are prevalent. Watch these red flags when investing:

🚩 Spelling errors on website and emails
🚩 Promises of 100X your $
🚩 Contracts that lock up crypto indefinitely

That's why we verify KYC and Whitelist wallets to protect you 👍🏻

The blockchain is taking on high culture 🎨

#NFTs have owned 2021, and @ChristiesInc is launching a series of digital art auctions in collaboration with @opensea. 🖼️

Which #NFTs have you got your eye on? 🙌

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🛑Stop by our booth today or tomorrow at @DCentralCon to meet the team and ask some questions! $BNB $USDC $USTD $BTC $ETH $BNB #DCentralCon

BlockHash Podcast EP. 201 - Anastasija Plotnikova #blockbank #blockchain #crypto

Swing by our booth at @DCentralCon to meet the team and get swagged up! 🚀🚀🚀 $BNB $USDC $USTD $BTC $ETH $BNB #DCentralCon

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A new $UST-Wormhole pool on @ConvexFinance is up.

This is the pool that will be incentivized should the recent Agora proposal to increase liquidity of the @wormholecrypto UST-3CRV pool on @CurveFinance pass an on-chain vote.

1/ A new Mirror Forum post is proposing to delist $ANC and $MIR as collateral types in light of the pending transition of MIR-UST and ANC-UST rewards from TerraSwap to @astroport_fi 👇

1/ Community Spend Proposal 143 to deploy $3 million worth of $LUNA LM incentives across strategic $UST pools on multiple chains has now passed.

✦ From this moment onwards, LBPs are a Terra public good ✦

Astroport's builders are proud to announce new open-source code for liquidity bootstrapping pools (LBPs) on Terra:

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#GlobeCast Ep-13 Sneak Peak!✨

Today, we talk to @jilliangodsil, Co-Founder and Editor at🤩

Jilian talks about her background and some of the exciting new projects she is working on. 🔥

Here's something to whet you appetite!🥳

#blockleaders #fintech

@globedx Great interview and editing - thank you so much

#GlobeCast Ep-13 is live!✨

Today, we talk to @jilliangodsil, Co-Founder and Editor at🤩

Jilian talks about her background and the exciting projects she is working on. 🔥

#Watch now to know more!🥳

#blockleaders #fintech

Happy #Thanksgiving all! 🦃

There are so many things to be thankful for from http://Globe.Exchange:

✅Spot Trading
✅Fiat Onramp
✅$GDT Buyback and Burn

Start trading now by clicking the link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

#Globedx #GDT #BTC #Crypto #Trading

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@INXLimited Handelswettbewerb mit @GMOTrust

Start: 01.12.2021

#GYEN #NFTGiveaway #NFTs #cryptotrading


Use this gift card to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others on INX's cryptocurrency trading platform.
For every purchase, we give you 20% more!


We are excited to announce that our US investors can finally trade their $TIRC tokens once we list on by the end of January 2022 or before.

Stay tuned for more updates!

#exchangelisting #tokenized

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🔥 100% obtain a #NFT Hero from Legend of Fantasy War
#LFW Mystery Box sale on @paid_network #APOLLOX launchpad.
How to join: 👉

#LFW #INO #Metaverse #NFT

🚨🚨🚨 WIN WIN WIN 🚨🚨🚨

Together with @RainmakerGames we are giving away 5 IGNITION IDO tickets!🎁


To enter, click the link above and follow the instructions in our Gleam campaign. Good luck!

📆 Rainmaker IDO: Dec 7th, 2021 11:00 AM UTC

The lottery for the @RainmakerGaming IDO on $PAID #IGNITION is now open!🎰

Rainmaker is a free platform to play hundreds of #Play2Earn games - connecting #games, #gamers, and #guilds worldwide.

🔒 Lottery close: Dec 2, 2021 at 4AM UTC

Congratulations to the Golden Ticket winners for the @SolChicksNFT IDO on $PAID #IGNITION.🥳

🏆 Whitelist winners -
🚀 SolChicks Ignition -

Are you one of the lucky winners? #GetPAID

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🧩 Jigstack Ecosystem 🧩

@lemonade_defi 🍋
@thegallery_nft 🖼
@Jwallet_ 💰
#Stakbank 🏦

👆 All governed by $STAK + #jSTAK & boast low user fees which are returned to the community in its entirety!

80% to stakers on 💜

20% is burned🔥 (deflationary)

Probably something.
#MEXCGlobal #MEXCListing $MX $STAK

📊 This week in #DeFi

🔸 JP Morgan says ETH could be a better bet for investors than BTC
🔸 @VitalikButerin introduces new EIP 4488
🔸 @HopProtocol reaches over $420 million in crosschain volume
🔸 There is 105.3b locked in DeFi on #Ethereum

🔥 $stak goes live on tomorrow!

🗺️ @MEXC_Global caters to 6 million+ users in more than 70 countries

✅Deposit & Withdrawal: Opened
✅Trading: 11:00 Dec 1 (UTC)

💰 $stak Trading Contest - 560,000 $STAK to be Won

#DAO #DeFi #CEXlisting

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Not your average shitcoin

$MLT 🏆

If you guys are wondering where all those people should come from.
We have two TV-stations in Switzerland and Germany with 500k net viewers on average daily.

We have a YT-Channel with 441k subscribers:

And you can watch us online:

Today we‘ll start working on our #milc #metaverse manifest.
To define how we should treat us in a future #metaversecommunity. Wow it‘s a bit like working on the 10 Commandments 😉
Here are some first points:
no hate, crime and racism….. Please continue 🙂

📢We are delighted to announce that we have selected 2 more #MILCians to be a part of our Ambassador Program!🤩

♦️The 2 MILCians who impressed us with their exceptional work are:

🤝We are excited to welcome you aboard in our team.
Many congratulations!🎉

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Box 1 on our Advent Calendar is open!

Go to to check out what competition is hiding behind the box!

#IXSwap #Cryptocompetition #Giveaway #Competition

🎅IXS Advent Calendar Giveaway!

From December 1st till December 24th, we are holding daily competitions where winners can win IXS or NFTs!

Check out the competition here:

Read about the rules here:

$IXS #IXSwap #NFT #Christmas

Check out this interview by @boxmining and our Co-Founder and CEO @julian2kwan!

Thanks again for having us Boxmining 🚀

$IXS #IXSwap #Boxmining #STO #DeFi

Do you want to know something crazy? 😜

👉 @IxSwap getting even move features! 🔥

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🎉That's a wrap on our EQX #BlackFriday Giveaway!
🏆Winners will be announced on our social channels on December 1st.
🌈Thank you to everyone who participated and welcome to the EQIFi Family!

#EQIFi $EQX #EQXBlackFridayGiveaway #Giveaway #Contest #Draw #CryptoGiveaway #Countdown

⏰This is the FINAL HOUR of the #EQXBlackFridayGiveaway!

🚨This promotion will end shortly so sign up NOW on
📲Head over to for more info

#EQIFi #EQX #BlackFriday #Giveaway #Contest #Draw #CryptoGiveaway #Countdown

🔥 Just 6 more hours left of the EQX #BlackFriday Giveaway!
⏳You still have time to claim your $10 bonus #EQX just for signing up.

📍Learn more on

#EQIFi #EQXBlackFridayGiveaway #Giveaway #Contest #Draw #CryptoGiveaway #Countdown

I am nominated for one of the most awesome @hackernoon awards! If you want to help me win the prize, voting is open here:

I’ll keep building the future of DeFi 😁. Thank you!

#hackernoon #defi #Noonies2021 #eqifi #softwaredevelopment #womenintech $eqx

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Movable trading orders are available on $RIN's DEX. Jump in to a position right through the chart and don't miss an entry or exit ever again.

DEXs on @solana are getting some really good feedback. The fastest blockchain + very low fees + seamless UI = The best trading experience ever.

There are now 1,819,220 $RIN tokens locked in staking - a 2% increase of circ. supply, after RIN stakers claimed their rewards. The majority of users restaked their rewards and took stronger positions for this month - compounded.

This is the Aldrin way.

Another exciting integration has been made with @JupiterExchange, as they announce @Aldrin_Exchange has been integrated into the platform! Have you guys tried using Jupiter Exchange before?

#Defi #Crypto #Solana #SolanaNews #CryptoNews

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We decided to be clear to users. Our blog from the development team will shed light on the technical aspects of KelVPN's greatness.
We'll start the publication with Light Papers, in subsequent articles, we'll explain in more detail.

KelVPN 7.0-beta for Android.
KelVPN 7.0-beta for Windows

Get the keys for testing in the official Telegram-channel

We are starting KelVPN 7.0 beta testing.
Free access to the VPN service will be available to everyone in our official Telegram group.

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Are you excited for the incredible advancements we can make with our #data, notarized by @Conste11ation? We are!

We want to make the industry better and stronger-- that's why we're leading the way.

A better #crypto future with $CBD starts here. 🙌

Well that was our biggest sale yet but we are back to normal now... I hope you all got stocked up on your favourite #Greenheart #CBD blends! 🛍💚

Comment below and let us know which blend is your favourite 👇

Shop now at

What is #CBDeFi?

It's the combination of #CBD and #DeFi -- and it's a gamechanger for farmers looking to change their lives.

$CBD #crypto #agriculture


just in case you thought the 50% wasn't enough we are giving you an extra 10% for #CyberMonday 🛍💚

It's only for 24 hours so DON'T MISS OUT on this guys #sale will end 2pm GMT on Tuesday 🙌

Shop Now at

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For those of you interested in the Nodle Parachain Crowdloan, more information on this video #polkadot #parachain

Hyped Yet?

Explore @NodleNetwork and join #Polkadot #Parachain #Whitelist

The Nodle team is back in Miami attending @DCentralCon and a bunch of #ArtBasel side events this week! Who’s in town? 👀 @Polkadot @danreecer_ @AcalaNetwork @origin_trail @hydra_dx @clover_finance — great work @hackapreneur @EstherNg #dotsama @nodlecash

Looking forward to catching up! We have a few team members attending @DCentralCon and more💥

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We're heading to the stratosphere.

Our COO, @aomnet, reveals more about the high and low altitude platforms that will power the World Mobile hybrid network.

1. Connect the unconnected.
2. Bank the unbanked.
#WorldMobile #IOHK #Cardano #StrongerConnected

Find out more about about World Mobile’s journey so far in this blog from from our friends @DefiantsCM.


“This is a movement, and this can be the biggest mobile network in the world that is run by the people. No one has ever done that before.”

Read more via @TechCrunch ⬇️

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This project is fundamentally stronger than nearly all other cryptos, and it’s coming to a major CEX soon.

We’re very excited to watch its price action develop. Bullish short and long term. $WMT

Connectivity is the access layer for the Internet.
As chains bridge between each other, we bridge the unconnected to the blockchain.

That's #RealFi. It's probably nothing. Few.

It's a sign. We're going to the stratosphere.

Next stop? The moon.

Now that you've stepped down from @Twitter you'll have lots of time to come and visit us in Zanzibar and talk $WMT and #blockchain.

@jjtoconnor and the rest of the IOHK Team were here recently and had a lot of fun. You could even scale a tower like @IOHK_Charles. #Cardano

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Set your reminders🔔

The 4th Parastate Hackathon workshop is in less than 3 days! Wednesday 7-8 PM (GMT+8)

Presenting: Writing Ethereum WebAssembly in Rust IV with Antonio Yang


In the developer community today, developers are building dApps for #Web3 applications in DeFi, gaming, #NFTs and the metaverses using the Rust programming language👨‍💻

Learn about SewUp, WebAssembly, #Rust and How to master SewUp at Hackathons👇


Have you had Parastate on your radar for a while?

Look no further, Parastate is hiring talented Rust or Blockchain Engineers, Tech Writers, & Developer Relations Specialists to join our global team

Top market rates available + equity

#Rust #Solidity

It is true that we are leveraging the best aspects of @ethereum & @Polkadot 💯

So excited to see the speed and efficiency come to light!

We aren't far away now..

#Substrate $STATE

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#Bitcoin was first referenced on TV when it was $3.

“It’s the future.”

I remember when @rajgokal and I barely scraped together 1/10th of that. 🤯

Honored to be building with some of the most brilliant minds in markets. The innovation taking place is remarkable. LFG

So you’ve got Susquehanna and Jump co-lead Hxro’s round, with Alameda on the cap table as well…

If there’s anything that screams “we’ve got institutional interest and need monster liquidity”, this is it.

Pretty cool seeing my long term thesis on hxro come to life

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We have liftoff! 🚀

Akon tested his Akoin card powered by Baanx! Here with our Global Sales Director Kieron Cartledge (

We are proud to be partnering with such a fantastic project, a huge step forward for crypto adoption.

#Akoin #digitalassets #crypto

This week Baanx triumphed at the Unicorn World Cup Finals, ranking as the Top Fintech and clinching third place overall!

The global competition involves 500 start ups, is attended by 250 VC's and angel investors, and is judged by a panel of global business leaders and investors.

"Launching this month, #Akoin (AKN), the digital asset platform and #crypto developed by global artist @Akon has partnered with @BaanxGroup to offer a debit card allowing users to pre-load and spend their Crypto-Assets anywhere in the world." 🙌🏿💳🔥

Great progress by us and @Akon @AkoinOfficial! We are all very excited for this partnership and launch 🎉

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TOP NEWS #IDOs - week 48

💚 After just 1 month, @DePo_io farms are live with 25% APY on $DePo token and 379% APY on DePo/wETH pair!

💙 In the meantime, @transient_sc:
-finalizing the bridge (#ETH- #BSC)
- Esports partnerships TBA soon
- #AMA with @DeFiRaccoons

Presenting the new #Kickstarter session with $STAK @jigstack.

🗳️Vote with $MX to get $STAK listed and share 4,000,000 $STAK
⏰Period: 03:00 - 09:50 Nov 30 (UTC)
📈Estimated trading: 11:00 Dec 1 (UTC)


#jigstack #MEXCGlobal #DeFi #DAO

⚡️The DePo tech team designed, built, audited, tested, & released a propriatery #DeFi product in just one month!
🚜You can now #stake your $DePo (single sided) or contribute to DEPO/WETH #liquidity #LP in the "#Farm" section of the DePo dApp


You need to:
🔄 Retweet this using #Transient
👥 Tag 3 friends and 1 influencer on the comments
💎 Hold $TSCT on your mainnet ETH wallet
🎯 Nail the prediction!

Details and links to join each one of the pools TBA on Monday (or sooner!) 👀

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Come through the Audius Discord tomorrow @ 10 AM PT for an AmA with @gramatik, @LuxasMusix & @audioglyphs discussing their new Synthopia project (@SynthopiaNFT)! 🙌🙏 |

🎤 Thinking of a master plan...

We've teamed up with @AudiusProject to drop a custom 1/1 Soul Dogs MC

To win:
1️⃣ Like + retweet & tag friends
2️⃣ Follow @AudiusProject & @SoulDogsNFT
3️⃣ Join Soul Dogs discord:

1 winner will be chosen in 48hrs⏰Good Luck!

gm ☕

What are you listening to?

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