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Diversified Exposure to Blockchain Technology

BlocTech Investment Team

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Jeremy Gonske

Jeremy is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned sales & marketing executive.
His strong leadership skills have been developed through military, various sales organizations and many entrepreneurial ventures in Blockchain Technologies, Automotive FinTech, Real Estate, Retail, and other technology companies.
Jeremy Gonske new

James Gereghty

James has more than 25 years of cross-functional investing experience in private equity and capital markets with a focus on the operational rehabilitation and financial restructuring of stressed and distressed companies, real assets, and structured products.


Ted Lunney

Ted has 26 years of experience on Wall Street working for bulge bracket investment banks and over the last 20 years, Ted has been in the Leverage Credit Markets in a number of senior management and trading positions. Ted’s most recent Wall Street position was head of Leverage Credit Sales, Trading and Strategy along with being a member of the FICC Management Committee at a Major North American Bank. Over Ted’s time on Wall Street Ted has developed a deep understanding of business building and franchise development. Ted made the transition to Digital Assets and took his 20 years of trading in the institutional Leveraged Credit markets and joined a Crypto exchange aggregator as their Group Chief Commercial Officer.


Nate Graessle


Paul Franzetti Blocktech

Paul Franzetti

Gerenal Council

BlocTech Advisory Team

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Mark Sawyer

Mark is a dynamic investor with a history of developing leaders, building teams and scaling companies. Strong business acumen with experience in business development, finance, strategic planning, asset management, corporate development, and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). Launched token that became $6B market cap. Launching $250M block-chain financial services business.

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Jared Moss

A founding team member of Gala Games. Jared has served as in-house counsel for one of the largest US blockchain mining companies and has over 5 years serving in executive and founder roles for blockchain and crypto projects.

Jeremy Engel

Jeremy Engel

Jeremy has experience spanning over 12+ vertices including growing a health and wellness company from $3m in sales to $100m. Jeremy aligns the the commercial entity with the best-fitted market and assembling a team around this. A USMC Veteran, Jeremy was also a division NCAA wrestler and a scholarship recipient at Berkley College of Music.

Jeremy Gonske new

Vince Albanese

Vince is a senior technology advisor to forward thinking, marketing leading global technology companies. Vince has over 40 years experience in highly regulated industries leading information technology architecture and management for global pharmaceutical manufacturing entities, global payments, deploying the national brokerage infrastructure for savings and loans, healthcare consulting focused on improving system throughput, and a dozen ERP implementations all related to continuous process manufacturing. Vince also previously led a national environmental charity recognized by People Magazine as Hero of the Year.

Mike Kimelman

Jon Paszkiewicz

Jon specializes in early stage project and “blue Ocean” needs including relationship building, business development, product identification and translation, product audience education, and revenue vertical identification. Experienced in system design, and project management, he has over fifteen years experience in workforce education.

Mike Kimelman

David Hoverman

David is a big data aficionado, product owner, and Biz Dev specialist. He has brought projects from seed to market in leadership and advisory roles, specializing in taking early stage technology and creating revenue strategies for B2B and/or B2C, project architecture, development oversight from concept to MVP and full product delivery.


Tyrone Pinnoy

Tyrone is experienced in management, marketing, web design and UI/UX. His experience includes management positions various verticals that includes the marketing, entertainment and hospitality industries. Tyrone has helped brands from concept to completion with go-to-market strategies and transitioning to ecommerce across new markets.

Mike Kimelman

Mike Kimelman

Mike Kimelman is a bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and expert on disruptive innovation. Formerly an M&A lawyer and the founder of a New York-based hedge fund, he currently runs Dekryption Advisors – a strategic advisory and investment firm with a focus on digital assets and healthcare. He is also a high-performance coach in the financial and human optimization space.

Research backed, early stage investment opportunities in blockchain, emerging technologies and digital assets.

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